Monday, July 30, 2007

050 - Gruul Is A Pussy!

And he's dead!

Btw, it is o-rly really ghei to be teh only lolpreist in teh whole raid lolzors :D They in my raid stealing my candleszors!!11

049 - Torment

Warning: do NOT click the play button unless you really o-rly really want to. Because now I'm going to show you something really horrifying - my first WoW movie ever.

This piece of art is about our trip to Molten Core back in the days. The movie has all the n00b movie errors: shitty framerate, mouse panning and crappy effects.

Part Two of the MC movie was not much better, but the Ragnaros kill movie is more watchable (hey, it has boobs and Slayer on the soundtrack!).

Sunday, July 29, 2007

048 - DragonCon Film Festival

The e-mailman brought me some imba news today:

Dear Machinimist,
CONGRATULATIONS! We're pleased to inform you that Connections are More Dangerous Than Lies has been selected for screening during the primary screening segment at the 2007 DragonCon Film Festival's first annual Machinima Segment! For its inaugural year, the Machinima Segment received a great number of submissions so competition was tough. We are proud of our new program and we are especially pleased that you have chosen DragonCon Film Festival's first annual Machinima Segment as a venue to showcase your work!

Thanks to Romily for promoting my movie to be shown :)

Also, my e-peen gained again a level, this time from the official wow-europe frontpage:

Friday, July 27, 2007

047 - Lol, payday!

Got my pay at the beginning of the week. So I decided to pay Helsinki a little visit to buy some machinimaking tools :D

In my perilous journey I was chased by many polar bears. I also witnessed some macabre and perverse horrors - there were Linkin Park albums and DVD's in the stores.. with a price tag!

Lots of other stuff were on sale, except for that LOTRO. The best finds were that Solarstone album (for 5€) and that Selu Vibra single (for zomg.. 0.50€).

Nowai I'm quitting WoW - I just gotta make sure that that thing called "Life" stays away, shoo shoo! Grlgrlgrgl... 595 megs of patch to download.

Oh well, I think I could paladin a little in the meantime. I have watched every How To Paladin-movie (I bet they are going to win every machinima award in 2007!), but still the bubblepeople have too much moving parts and a scheisseload of hammers! It is very disturbing that death coil has a cooldown.

That does not make sense. That does NOT make sense!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

046 - Photoshopping again

I got bored at work once again and decided to do some Photoshopping:

The point of the image was to test how well can a Half-Life 2 (shot)gun be added to a WoW charachter with Photoshop. Pretty well - in my opinion :)

Well, the real challenge is to do the same thing in Sony Vegas. I am gonna try something like that, but I guess it'll fail miserably - masking a moving charachter sounds quite hellish (especially with Vegas).

A bigger version of the picture is available at my DeviantArt page.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

045 - R.I.P. Time Gnomes

Read this.

Even though I would have o'rly-really wanted to see a full "season" of Time Gnomes, I think Rob/Rurikar/Mojache (select the correct answer) made the right decision.

It is totally bullshittingly soapdroppingly homosexually gay, lesbian and murlocciality to get QQ from completely unknown retards about a series in game. Ghei, ghei, ghei! I would not be amused.

Well, TG's are still supposed to make a short cameo (with Rob's permission) in Unlimited Escapism vol 0. The six seconds of TG stuff in UEv0 looks extremely cool (even though it's me saying + editing it :P).

..but running from what?

Sunday, July 22, 2007

044 - 2x70

w00t! Soosisti, my first real char evahh dinged 70 today. After 6 months of TBC release, all leveling done on rested :D

Next in line to reach teh end is my gnoem rouge, currently at lvl 48.

Friday, July 20, 2007

043 - Yet Another UEv0 preview!

Fucking amazing - first preview shots from a UEv0 guest star!

I have not seen any of these in motion yet. Everything you see is made by Chaosvex.

He used a custom single-coloured Halo map (for chromakeying) to create these. Look, drool and enjoy :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

042 - Work In Progress

That, my dear readers, is a white phoenix.

Nothing special there, just a blp (the texture/surface files of every creature etc in WoW) edit. It is not perfect yet, I think it is a bit too white. I made a black phoenix too, but it does not look that great because the light beams need some changing as well (I'm a noooooob concerning going that far).

This phoenix will most likely make it's first public appearance in UEv0.

As for the future, I think I am going to stick with editing the textures and etc stuff with Photoshop. Making The Barrens Biohazard made me lose most of my interest in the bigger model changes. But if someone resurrects NoggIT for v2.x.x I might reconsider that again :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

041 - Never Stay Tuned 2

Never Stay Tuned 2 by Olibith is out!

It features a small 40 second section made by me called "PlurTV" which is about a raving gnome and Daisy The Dancing Tauren (also seen on Lol, Lightwell 1-9) doing their thing outside Azeroth. Locations include some Finnish sceneries filmed from a train window, my record player and a set of bottles (which are no longer full) :P

Later on I'll release the section separately to Stage6 and YouTube. Meanwhile, enjoy the channel surfing :D

Friday, July 13, 2007

040 - Snoman Remixed 2 Out!

Unfortunately that does not count as a record breaker since I did it with my laptop.

Stage6 stream

HighDef Version download

And my ePeen got enlarged again at #nogg-aholic:


039 - Coming Soon

I bet my record for the longest render goes boom overnight.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

037 - High King Maulgar Down!

The killshot and my not-so-clear UI.

Not that high anymore, bitch?

The Beastro & few guest stars downed High King Maulgar just some minuteshours ago. The best thing was that this was our first time trying him :) We got Gruul to some 50% so I guess he'll go down soon. That is if we get enough people to spank him.

Ezizzle asked on the comments that will I be continuing CotD: Op Scholo (that is again one of my movies which I really dislike now). Well, I might be. If I am going to continue it, it means that I will remake part one. With voiceovers and everything. But this is not a promise, since I will absolutely not start writing the script and plot further when I have the correct feel for it.

I do have the whole story arc in my mind - how it starts and how it ends. It's just the middle parts that need some tweaking. I can't give out any dates for CotD yet or in a while but I can guarantee that this blog will be the place to read about it when the time is right :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

037 - BS @ DA

Finally I managed to add some BS to DeviantArt.

I have my other account there which is mostly about photographs and manipulations, but under the BaronSoosdon name I'll try to keep everything WoW and machinima related.

There's also a new UEv0 concept art picture! Point your browser to

I will add more pictures there in august when I get back home.

Friday, July 6, 2007

036 - Photoshoppage!

A giant wall of pictures hits your connection for 715517 damage.

So here's some of my WoW related Photoshop things. They are not in any particular orded. Some of them have been used as concept art for the movies.

The highres versions of these are back at my home PC (currently I'm on a different city, back at southern Finland because of a summerjob). I'll try to push myself to make a DeviantArt account for all of them.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

035 - LFM Unlimted Escapism vol. 0!

Soo.. once again ideas pop in my head!

If you think and know you can draw, ask yourself this "Would I be interested in making some custom art for UEv0?"

If you find yourself saying yes, do not hesitate to contact me :)

All drawing styles interest me from manga to more artistic. Hell, even if you can do 3d renders (animated or non animated) based on some ideas, let me know you exist.

The only reward I can offer you is that you get to be in the first season finale of the Unlimited Escapism series (UEv4 will come when there is something to show and film from the second expansion). Of course you will be properly credited in either beginning or ending credits.

In order to contact me, you can:
- leave a comment on this blog
- e-mail me at b a r o n s o o s d o n ( a ) g m a i l . c o m (eat that spambots!)
- /msg me at IRC on the Quakenet network (nickname BaronSoosdon)
- send a PM via

I also made a recruitment post about the subject to the forums.


These are the people / WoW machinima celebs currently going to appear in one or other way at UEv0:
- Snoman
- Olibith
- Chaosvex
- Time Gnomes

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

034 - Lol, top20well (a.k.a. nyt nousee kusi päähän :D)

Möhöhö. Lawl, I beat Exploration the movie by 0.001 :-----DDDDDDDDDD

033 - The Barrens Biohazard [movie]

Stage6 HQ Stream
High Definition 720p downloadable at Filefront

I would have released this yesterday, but I sort of fucked up the first version. Currently the High Definition version is being compressed. Links will come asap :)

You can see more TBB at Snoman's Wandering Dreamscape or at Unlimited Escapism vol. 0 when it is done.

For a more in-depth making of about the modelchange, see post #023.

As for the 'making of' considering the video there's not that much to say. I wanted to keep it simplistic, without any crazier editing in order to show the model change in it's natural form. The heavily edited versions of TBB scenes will appear in UEv0.

Monday, July 2, 2007

032 - STALKER!

So as it is my first workday today, I thought I'd be really useful and stalk myself via internet. And here's what was found:

" ..Baron Soosdon's take on Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies was heartwrenching.."
Baron Soosdon makes me cry." aww... have a cookie

And that's all, there were some other stuff as well but I'm not that fluent in French, Asian languages or something mid-european (looks like Polish, not sure.)

It was not supposed to go like this! This summer of Finland was supposed to be an oldschool one with cold weather, rainstorms and stuff. But instead it's +20 and sunny! Oh Noes :D

On the other news, I just started working on "The Barrens Biohazard" movie. It is quite sluggish to work without a second monitor to preview on. I'm gonna show the model change with less effects (the highly edited stuff about will be on UEv0) than normal. I should have the movie completed by the weekend.

update: added some links and other things to the blog right there -->