Friday, November 30, 2007

119 - Xmas Calendar!

Epic series containing 24 episodes (all of them seen before)! A christmas calendar which you will most definitely forget!

Coming to this blog 1st of december 2007!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

118 - 1st Place in Comedy!

Murloc nation! Be afraid, your end is getting nearer! Since I kind of got to the first place in comedy section of the Fabled Few contest @ WCM!

And now a short making of!

Originally I intended to enter a music video to the Fabled Few contest. It would have been done to the Liberation song by Charayana, but I discarded the idea because I liked that plot so much that I may make it a plot-movie someday.

After that I thought that I'd make a short action movie for Nikita. But naah.. I did not have a good script and hunting down good voiceovers would have taken too much time.

So then this sick and perverse idea struck me! Let's make unlimited limited and add escapism to the end! And to add more soap to the soup, the movie would be acted in Finnish (by me and myself) and in French (by Olibith in trollform).

Along the way when I made the movie, I was talking to Nyhm on irc. He said that he wanted to be in one of my movies so I rather quickly came up with some scenes for him.

Ironically, this movie was a bit easier to make than Unlimited Escapisms for example. Having a script and the plot written down speeds things up a lot.

But that's all folks for the making of - ask more more more more more answers in the comments!

Monday, November 19, 2007

117 - Interview #2

SugarChick from WarcraftChicks wanted to interview me.

I ate a murlocs liver with some chianti. Slurp!

And then I did the interview.

Read it here!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

116 - The Irony Of Things..

OK, so I was supposed to have a break again.

The making of "Limited Escapism" once again drained my idea pool quite empty - actually so empty that I wanted to play WoW and try all these new cool things in the new 2.3 patch and try to get my addiction back...

..but on friday I found out that I had run out of game time. Sure, no prob - let's just go and buy more. But oh wait, as this place is a city of grayness and epic phailure of course there are no game time cards on any of the shops. So.. till monday then.

Indeed it seems to be so that when I try to take a break from machinima, machinima does not want to take a break from me.

This project that I now started to work on has been about 60% ready for approximately two months. It is a collaboration project between me and Olibith.

Wish I could plug in to my computer for a while and go there instead of freezing my ass off here..

Currently the movie does not have a finally final name, so I'll refer it to as OliBeach. It is going to be a short story (running time about 2 - 3 min) about Olibith loading his batteries with solar power on a sunny island. Boobs and an epix duel will be involved.

OliBeach is also a cross-game machinima. The whole movie (or at least what's done so far) is done using WoW characters and UT 2004 backgrounds (ONS-IslandHop map).

OliBeach story is written by me and Olibith. Oli also storyboarded the whole thing, which made the actual machinimating a lot easier.

You get to see the storyboards when the movie is completed and released.

Fully charged! Screw you AC adaptor!

There will be no voice acting, since Olibith the gnome does not talk. This is a story which works better without words. One of the goals of this movie is to give it's viewer that warm feeling which scares this cursed winter away.

What a beach!

I have no ETA when this movie will be ready. It may be next week, it may be 2008. In this case I am really not in a hurry.

If you want more previews how this movie will feel and look, listen to some summerish trance made by Sunlounger and DJ Shah.

The "Another Day On The Terrace" album by Sunlounger is the thing you want to find if you are a fellow winter hater like me.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

115 - Limited Escapism: To Cure A Hangover

Oh yeah baby, it is out!

10 minutes and 29 seconds of totally incomprehensible artistic crap about a certain orc warlock's journey to find a cure to a horrifying hangover..

Featuring voice acting by me, Nyhm and Olibith - each of us to our own native language. Subtitled for those who do not have a high language skill rating.

Nyhm going WTF

Olibith in TrollForm - unfortunately he did not get to eat any gnomes this time or sell weird itams to a certain dwarf..

Me and my favourite hobby

If you look close enough, you might see references to vibration and noggaholism in the movie.

Click here and vote for me!

(note: there might be some other contestants, but you did not realize that you could vote for them too - muahahaha!)

But wait, that's not all! I managed to get myself a kick-ass soundtrack.

Majority of the songs I used are from the OCRemix site - you can use their songs in your movies (the site terms say this) as long as the movies are not commercial and you credit the author(s) and OCRemix.

Also, I have some Finnish and Norwegian talent on the movie. I asked these guys to let me use their music and they agreed.

A short segment his song "Urban Assault" can be heard in the intro of "A Gnome Called Nikita 2". A moody little piece, perfect for the spot.

I just love the retrobleep sounds from ancient games. When they are mixed with modern electronic music sounds, you get some really great stuff. When I heard Byproduct's music I just had to ask him to let me use his music. Byproduct's song "Vector" can be heard in the Nikita section too.

The song "Liberation" by Charayana was released three years ago. It was then and still is a really amazing piece of vocal trance. One of the best, if not the best free trance songs available. Using it in my movie was truely a great honor since I just love that track.

I will write the "making of" about this movie when the contest is over.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Monday, November 12, 2007

113 - Done!

Yes, they all are from the same movie.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

112 - Nothing to see here, empty post..

Monday, November 5, 2007

111 - ..teidän kaikkien ihmisten harmiksi

Totuus kaikesta eikä juuri yhtään mistään tämän linkin takana.

Friday, November 2, 2007

110 - The making of "The Fifth Horseman" + Some QQWHINECHEESE

The basic idea for TFH came pretty quickly after the announcement of the Halloween contest at Warcraftmovies.

I wanted to make something haunting, disturbing and bloody. Without voice acting, using only music and ambient sounds to support the imagery. Influences were taken from almost everywhere: from music, survival horror games and of course (psychological) horror movies. One of my important goals was to get the horror to go inside the viewer's head.

For quite a while I had a real lack of inspiration to finish this movie. But suddenly it came back with a revenge. Then I just filmed and edited the movie in about one day. Unfortunately that shows a bit in the end result.

Also, the time limit of four minutes did not allow me to have the ending for the movie I wanted it to have.

TFH was very interesting to make! Once again I learned something new - how to decapitate people in Vegas. Very important for my future projects.

Technically I used mostly very simplistic methods to film the movie. A great amount of it is filmed in-game, only the scenes at the end include heavy modelviewing.

The colors played a big part here. As the movie happens at night and it is raining, blue tones were the thing I was looking for. It also added to the athmosphere quite nicely.

And this brings me to the big question - should I remake the movie? I still have the files, and I do have some ideas on how to extend it.

Someone at WoW Insider gave an interesting idea - the movie could have worked better with a film-noirish type narration. Why not indeed! There are director's cuts and extended editions of real movies so why not machinima then :)

Though I will certainly not work on TFH again yet. But there are always more heads to decapitate and hearts to eat >:)

Currently Istill need to get started on my Fabled Few movie, currently I lack music and a finetuned idea.


I've also been rofling and giving the finger at the comments on WCM. "ZOMG J00 SHOULD RLY MAEK A PLOT LI3N MOVIE LOLOL!!11".


Well, for starters making one - especially in a bigger scale - is not the easiest job. First you need the most essential thing - a script. Then the script needs to be read through, tweaked and so on to find out what is essential to the plot and what is not. Should the movie require voice actors, then it is time to look for them. This can be either an easy or a hard job - from my point of view, the voices need to be perfect.

I can't expect to get Hollywood quality for free but I need to get close to that as possible, since shitty voice acting can ruin everything.

One of the things I aim for a plot-line movie is that it must be a movie of it's own. I have no interest in doing a series because it might get really screwed up if/when voiceactors disappear to nowhere in the middle of the project. Also, if I lose interest at some point in making a possible series, the viewers will be let down. Though I have done this crime already twice.. (Two Gnomes & Tauren + CotD: Op Scholo - both series currently on indefinite hold).

An independent movie allows it to have a beginning and an end. Also the option for sequels is always there.

Yes - I do have a plotline movie in mind. Currently it only exists as a rough synopsis on my HD with most of the material still in my degraded brain cells. I have many ideas for the movie, one of them is to re-introduce a certain draenei / blood elf couple in a side role..

As long as no one is paying me for this, I inted to do as much pointless movies as I want to. Hell, even if it just to annoy those "QQ THIS SUXX NO LINKIN PARK I DO NOT GET IT"-people.


p.s. Now I got it..! My next movie will be about a pink-haired gnome in a pink-haired dress whining about Britney using sped up audio! What an excellent idea, I'm gonna promote myself from the 'emperor of universe' to 'THE emperor of universe plus everything else'!