Monday, May 12, 2008

201 - I'm So Sick awarded @ OMFF

I'm So Sick got to the first place in the Online Machinima Film Festival! The scary thing was that the event was held in the notorious Second Life. The even scarier thing was the fact that I was there to witness it all!

Other WoW machinimators got awarded too: Dopefish's Among Fables And Men got first place in "Best First Film" and third place for "Best Technical Achievement".

Martin Falch's Tales Of The Past III got second place in "Best Film", third place in "Best Series" and first place in "Best Technical Achievement".

Grats to ze winners!

Friday, May 9, 2008

200 - Kake Buk Island: Episode 1

HD720p Download <--- this is the version you want!

(lolol, there are some hilarious comments on the youtube page :D my sensei skills in psychology tell me that all the commenters saying that this movie is "gay" have some serious soapdropping issues!)

After some uploading difficulties the Kake is no longer a lie! Atm I don't have time to write a longer description, I got a train and a school entrance exam to catch.

I will update this post later today :)

update1: Seeing from the current comments, some love it some hate it. I admit that writing dialogue is not my most advanced sk1llz but i'm not going to never give up! Instead I'll just turn around and start writing.

Some say that I should slow down, but slow speed is for pussies.. heavy metal pussies! More more more more speed for the next episode!

I forgot to add subliminal messages to the movie. Sorry.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

199 - If it is white and falling down from the sky, is it snow?

zomg fixed, nothing to read here anymore

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

198 - Kake Buk Island: Release Date + Cast List

Kake Buk Island Episode 1: You Damn Beach
Will premiere.. next week.

Here's the full cast list:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

197 - Vote for I'm So Sick, kthxbai!

A few posts ago, I'm So Sick got nominated for this year's BitFilm award. Last year a gnome vibrated the award, now... VOTE FOR ME :D

You can do the ISS' voting here, right here! It requires an account but hey, so does everything on the internets these days.

There might be some other machinimas to vote on too, but you did not hear about them from me. The competition is tough, and that's the way I want it :)