Monday, June 29, 2009

Unfinished Machinima: Million Miles From Home

This was originally made for Olibith's Never Stay Tuned 3. The project files of MMFH have been sitting on my HD since spring 2008.

I lost the interest to finish this machinima - the main reason being that it's nowhere close of my standards of today (the Vegas editing is very obvious).

I may re-do the whole thing with a new song in the future. The only thing I'm keeping from this original video are the "gnome on a rocket"-renders by Pinkhair.

As for the possible future re-make.. well, the greatest German director ever - Uwe Boll - has not made a video for the greatest German band, Scooter. As I'm calling myself "The Uwe Boll of WoW machinima" I think I need to fix this horrible error, sort of.

The world needs more adventures of the extacy-addicted pinkhaired gnome and the crossdressing cow!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Raid Together, Die Alone 3

Now with more epix and less rickrolling!

Raid Together, Die Alone 3 came out a bit sooner than I planned. But I got hit by inspiration so I did it now. I'm also going to need the HD space for The Palest Horse and work stuff.

RTDA3 features something new that I've not used before in a movie - adding in Photoshopped screenshots. You'll see actual screenshots from the game which are modified a bit with PS.

All the footage has been filmed or screencapped between 2005 and 2009.

I'm not sure if I'll make an RTDA4 during WOTLK, it all depends on the hard drive space left. My priorities for saving it are to work stuff and The Palest Horse.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dear Blizzard...


Yes, that is a rickrolling macro

With an experience bar and equipment like that, it blows my mind (in a positive way) to hear news like this:

  • Players will now be awarded experience for completing objectives and actions that yield honor in Battlegrounds (honorable kills not included).
  • Players who do not wish to gain experience through PvP can visit Behsten in Stormwind or Slahtz in Orgrimmar - both located near the Battlemasters in either city - and turn off all experience accumulation for the cost of 10 gold.
  • Disabling experience gains will prevent a player from gaining experience through any means available in the game.
  • Players with experience gains turned off who compete in Battlegrounds will face off only against other players with experience gains turned off.
  • Behsten and Slahtz can reinstate experience gains for players, for a 10 gold fee of course. Any experience that would've been accumulated if experience gains were not turned off cannot be recovered.

Oldschool raiding without a vanilla account?


Hell, I wanted this feature so much that I even made a post to EU forums about it. Maybe they read it, who knows!

I shall sacrifice 1,000,000,9001 murlocs to honor this!

My hopes of obtaining a [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Rickroller] became 0.0000000000001% more closer to reality!

You know the weapon and so do I..

Nothing but rickrolls!

Some of you have been wanting to check out my big music collection.

The best way to have a look what are my choices for weapons for mass neighbour pissoffiziation or other music that "no normal person with a good music taste listens to" visit my profile at

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Up Here


HD720p x264 (90 mb) - Megaupload
HD720p XviD (144 mb) - Megaupload


"heh look at the shorties tryin' to get high(er) :p"
-athar, WoW model viewer forums

So, I was flying around in Elwynn and found this lonely little house in mountains.

It had no residents - that had to be changed!

This is my vision of a gnome-styled penthouse high above.

The area features a racing track, teleporters, chillout zone by a beach (the chill zone is equipped with drinkable, eatable and smokable products), swimming pool, three different bars, a garage and a personal warship for destroying things you do not like!

And if that ain't enough, there's also penguins, iceblocks, mechagnomes and a device which changes day to night (and vice versa) by a single button push!

I've never done any area creation before so this is my first time. Everything was created by spawning gameobjects (the easy newb mode).

Point of this video? To make you smile :)

And now, a bunch of screens from creating the area:

Very early stage here!

What? It's not normal for an adult gnome to have a toy train? o.O

Includes also a karaoke bar. The band has only one song in their list though.

The selectable mounts are between the blue orbs. When the racer stands at the purple spawnpoint thingie, he or she gets mounted - if this was real :)

The racing track! Should this really work, the thing in the middle would be a checkpoint.

The goal! If you managed to dodge the bombs, this would return you to the start at the spawnpoint.

New machinima up there..

This is just one of those quick ideas which need to come out fast. This one has no direct relation to an Olibith movie, but you could say that some influences from the gnome in purple turban can be seen!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Beastro is looking for raiders!

My guild, The Beastro - a horde guild located on Twilight's Hammer (EU) is looking for more players to it's ranks. We are an old guild, been around since 2005.

We are currently raiding Ulduar on 10 man versions - because of the Summer Effect, the lack of 25 man raids is disturbing!

I'm quoting the recruitment post from our realm forums:

We are currently recruiting people to finally clear Ulduar 25m, and aim to eventually get all the hard-mode achievements done.

Our current progress status is 5 on 25m and 11 on 10m mode. The reason why we're still so far behind is because we usually lack just a couple of people to fill the raid.

Our 'Official' raid times are Tusday/Thursday/Sunday invites starting 19:30 or earlier if possible, ending at 23:00 but going on if replacements are available.
Would like to add that currently we also raid nearly every night (YOGI MUST DIE), an exception being Friday and Saturday, the days some of us feel an urge to leave our lairs to feast on booze/blood/boobs.

The Beastro is NOT a ''hardcore'' guld, but neither are we to be mistaken for a casual guild. We're in the Grey Area.

We do not recruit people younger than 18, and most of our members are aged between 20 and 40.

Raiders are expected to come to raids with consumables and knowledge of the enemy, as well as their class. You are expected to have a mic and headphones since we use Vent 2.3 for communication.

1 Enhancement Shaman
2 Holy Priests
1 Feral Druid
1 Moonkin Druid
1 Mage
1 Warlock

Applications are handled on our forum.

Most of the regular questions should be answered by reading the ''README'' section, but don't hesitate to hunt down our officers ingame.

Resistance to rickrolling is recommended.

There's a slight chance that you might get into one of my PvE movies if you join our ranks! Keyword being "slight" - filming as ret paladin (or any melee class) just sucks.

I'm playing with Whitelabel (the ret loladin in the picture, main) and Soosisti (the murloc destroyer returning to life) mostly. I'm there quite irregularly.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Palest Horse - auditions are closed!

As of today, the auditions for The Palest Horse are closed. I wish to thank everyone who auditioned!

The people chosen for the roles will be contacted via e-mail with further information.

"But Mr Soosdon.. what on earth are you doing with that pen tool?"

The pen tool in Photoshop, one of the uncharted territories for me - not anymore! I played around with that thing which I for some stupid reason had not discovered before.

One thing lead to another, in this case a propaganda poster of some s(h)ort.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every Murloc in the Fireplace (666 and Rising)

Soosisti is back!

The warlock, which was my main during vanilla times, got to 70 and retired. During TBC and early WOTLK he served as a AH bitch for my other alts.

The Destroyer of Murlocs was called to active duty because of this article in (previously known as WoW Insider).

Soos has always sworn in the name of Affliction, but it was quite the boring spec nowadays. When I tried destro... ZOMG! Everything dies with four button presses.

Also, this has refreshed my interest in leveling. I've gotten to lv73 quite fast (I'm a quite slow leveler normally).

Blowing things up with fire and all that stuff is just so god damn fun :)

But hey! This does not relate to machinima at all!

Well, it might. My current main is a retritardin which makes PvE filming impossible so now's my chance. Old Soos will be my alt, maybe I'll get to film some OS25/Naxxramas footage with him.

And if that fails, there's the never ending fields of to-be-dead murlocs.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Never Stay Completed

It's done and has been Officially Approved by Olibith!

There's a note in the far end of the gnome's cave which tells more about what is to come!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

N is for one more NST 4 Picture!

Earlier today, a song started playing in my head - resulting in a vision.

A few hours later, that vision gave birth to a little (pun intended) machinimadvertisement which will have it's premiere on Never Stay Tuned 4. It has been approved by The Gnome (translation: now I have two thingies lined up for NST4).

This one is dedicated to all of my female fans.

Monday, June 1, 2009

P is for Pictures!

I've finally started to work on my segment for Olibith's Never Stay Tuned 4!

The crazy, raving, drug-using pinkhaired gnome and the crossdressing enormous cow are not going to make an appearance. This is something new - the most profane and perverse (lyric-wise) video I've done so far.

Something traditional will remain though - the emo and murloc hating "next programs to come" scrollers will be on the video.

Not a dinner..

Is this suitable for kids?