Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Photoshopped.

5.7K+ YouTube subscribers.

Gone in an instant. *poof*

Without no e-mail explaining why.

I have sent an inquiry to YouTube via their extrefuckingmely-hard-to-find complaint form. Oh wait, that is actually not a complaint form - you could just tick some boxes. If this was a copyright problem, I thought they'd just disable the video in question and/or send a notification about it.

Search function is your friend, so I used it! A lot of other users have the same issue as well, accoutn shut down without any warnings before or after.

This has to be said first - I am not emoing, raging or angry at the moment. Just extremely, EXTREMELY disappointed. Hell, I'm not even drunk.

I always thought that I would quit (WoW) machinima on my own terms, when I want, when I had achieved enough and made all the movies that had to be made. Therefore, I have made this decision: if I am not getting my YouTube account back, World of Gnomecraft 2.0 will be the last WoW-machinima you will ever see from me.

The reason for this is just the p0w3r of teh internets. Using all those subscribers is (was?) a good thing to get the word out of new videos and other stuf..

Making a new account is not an option, there is just no way to get those subscribers back. Sucks - but life does that a lot apparently :)

If this is the universes way of saying "lol go on, find another engine" - so be it!

This may be a goodbye to WoW-moviemaking, but not to machinima or video editing in general.

We shall see. I just want an explanation from them.


I guess this is it then!

I'm not giving up that easily, I did reply to this mail though - hoping for a reply.

Update 2!

Almost forgot about the unfinished stuff while mrgrlglrglrl'ing to YouTube. Let's go through them in order

The Palest Horse - definitely not cancelled! Almost every voice has been recorded and I'm ready to move on with this. Even if this YouTube drama is means the end for my music videos and stuff like that, I sure as hell am not going to quit without making at least one full-length plot machinima.

The Ballad of XT-002: Very Bad Toys - after the YT drama, I don't know. Probably not. I did come up with some great ideas for the unfilmed parts, but I can live without finishing this movie.

There are also two other unfinished machinimas on my HD, which I think I'll release as they are. I haven't touched those two in months.


In case YouTube was the only way for you to watch my machinimas, no worries! Almost all of them are stored elsewhere on the interenets.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A new video by Gnomechewer

Gnomechewer is back with a new video.. and how great video it is! This machinima went directly amongst my all-time favourites!

I'm assuming that Mr Chewer still uses Vegas to create the videos. That makes this video even better, since Vegas is a very limited program when compared to After Effects (in terms of compositing and all that). "Gilnean Like Me" is the burning bright light in the sky which burns away all the blood elf rap and terribad parody filth!

The song is catchy and the video is stylish in it's Gnomechewerian style! The only downside is that I can't copycat Gnomechewer's style unless I eat his brain and consume his powers.

I give this machinima a top score of five burning murloc villages.

Friday, February 19, 2010

No polar bears!

Something different this time - photography!

Outside of WoW, there is this game called Real Life. You are always playing it and you can only LOSE the game. That doesn't mean that there isn't any loot! In this came, the loot comes in the form of pictures which are taken with this device called camera.

The other day, it was sunshining outside. That means that it's safe to go out since the polar bears are not out there to eat people. The sun makes the bear sparkle, they don't like that at all. Those polar bears come mostly out at night, mostly.

It was safe to go to the frozen lake to hunt pictures without the fear of being eaten by a sparkling polar bear.

So here we go - pictures. They have been slightly Photoshopped: level adjustments, brightness/contrast plus some photo filter. All lens flare is natural in it's unaltered form!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just in time!

It's been a while since my last post, so I'll get to the point right away!

I finished my entry to the Alienware contest by Blizzard just in time in the last minute.

My entry is called..

It is an independent sequel to the previous World of Gnomecraft machinima I did in 2009.

The most important part of this video is the soundtrack by Caruu which kicks ass and is extremely catchy at the same time.

I had damn fun during the three-day creation process. Whether I win or lose, I'm proud of this machinima.

Hopefully the people at Blizzard will pay attention to a little message I put to the end of the movie :)

Well anyways, now it's back to continuing being unemployed and finishing stuff.. yea, I'm talkin bout that XT002 clip among other things!

And remember kids... PUNTING IS A SIN!