Monday, April 30, 2007

001 - The Beginning and The Start

"WTF? plz stop and get a life !"
-Comment on Unlimited Escapism vol. 2 by Xah

No, not really, no.

I have just gotten started. With this blog at least!

So let's go back to the real start, to the year 2006. In that year my "career" with machinima started.

I was doing the work part for my thesis in school. The first few weeks were quite boring since the computers did not have the correct software installed, so we had to spent the time somehow (if you ride a bike on a -20c weather to school for 4km+ - you dont wanna go back home immediately :P).

So we watched some movies at WCM. Some were good, some were bad. One day, a friend of mine shows me "BWL: The Rite Of Passage" by Devlin of AFGM. Now, that was ace and I wanted to have me one of those.

The merged collaboration team of three guilds (The Beastro - my guild, Beyond Oblivion and the late Dwarfcutters) had just started progressing in Molten Core. So after a few runs, my first movie ever - MRG Molten Core: Part 1 comes out. Lotsa noobism there, from shitty framerate to showing wipes. Lets not forget the crappy camera movements. But at least there is a semi-naked troll dancing on the opening credits! The sequel is equally crap, but the point is to preserve a memory of those new and exciting things from MC from those times.. When we got Raggy pwned, the movie about that had a lot of improvement compared to the first two.

Let's fast forward a bit. It was time to make a WoWmodelviewer-only movie. That movie praises the king of all armor sets, Twill. Hence the name "Twill For The Kill" (this movie later that year spawned an other movie featuring Twill).

Somewhere around this time I got the artist name Baron Soosdon. The name comes from the Geddon encounters in MC. Our raid leader (Sanatos back then) used to announce the hellfires in CTRaid with the words "Hellfire! Stay Away From Baron Geddon!". Back then I was still having my warlock (Soosisti) as my main. When we downed the bastard, I did a hellfire of my own and told everyone to stay away. Some people lolled and rofled. Boobs.

Again let's fast forward a bit - nothing spectacular to see there. At the beginning of summer 2006 I made a movie which could in someway called the ancestor of the Unlimited Escapism movies.

Raid Together, Die Alone was my first attempt to mash-up real movies with WoW. The murloc propaganda continues in this movie. And finally there are also some boobs at the end credits!

The history lesson ends here for now, I shall continue it in the next posts. Not that anyone is interested (the blog needs some content) :P

And now for the future lesson. This blog will be mostly about (WoW) machinima. My plan is to introduce other peoples movies, give more in-depth information about my own projects (screenshots etc on the creation phase).

But I'm not gonna limit this to machinima only - movies, music and other interesting stuff will have it's place here too.

Very good vappu to everyone btw. This is the time when people get really drunk here in Finland. This year is an exception for me - no money no funny.