Friday, January 18, 2008

157 - Some Pictures

On the spotlight!

I can guarantee that Olibith will like what she has to say!

Press spacebar to jump! (Lehdistö avaruusbaariin hyppimään!)

Enough fire?

You perverts! No, this is not a bot-orgy!

And now some fictional facts:
  • Yes, this is a music video
  • It will be a mixture of Shake That! and I'm So Sick, though it is more shakethatish than imsosickish
  • The video has language and images which are not suitable for little kids under 18
  • By coincidence, a screwdriver once did not swim but rainbow is pewpew untill the library has more coconuts of cellphones in asdjfhdskfjgh7!
  • The song I'm using is about 9 years old
  • Please... buff warlocks and shadowpriests!
  • As majority of the movie is filmed in-game (there will not be that much modelviewed stuff), the release date is going to be sooner than later
That's all folks!

..the hell it is!

Here is one more picture for tonight. If you are under 18 you are not allowed to watch it!

Poor little GnoViBrator..! Someone forgot to update his programs and the poor thing does not know what to do around succubi and whips..