Saturday, June 6, 2009

Every Murloc in the Fireplace (666 and Rising)

Soosisti is back!

The warlock, which was my main during vanilla times, got to 70 and retired. During TBC and early WOTLK he served as a AH bitch for my other alts.

The Destroyer of Murlocs was called to active duty because of this article in (previously known as WoW Insider).

Soos has always sworn in the name of Affliction, but it was quite the boring spec nowadays. When I tried destro... ZOMG! Everything dies with four button presses.

Also, this has refreshed my interest in leveling. I've gotten to lv73 quite fast (I'm a quite slow leveler normally).

Blowing things up with fire and all that stuff is just so god damn fun :)

But hey! This does not relate to machinima at all!

Well, it might. My current main is a retritardin which makes PvE filming impossible so now's my chance. Old Soos will be my alt, maybe I'll get to film some OS25/Naxxramas footage with him.

And if that fails, there's the never ending fields of to-be-dead murlocs.


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