Wednesday, May 2, 2007

002 - The Ataris & Contest & rock band The Ataris are holding a music video making machinima contest. I am so going to join :D The Ataris offer the machinimakers three songs to use for the movie. The music is not bad at all. Maybe not my style exactly but still listenable.

The downside is that I have an exam tomorrow. From a subject which does not interest me at all, for the third time. And then I go and read about this contest..

Guess what's in my head right now?

Yes, indeed - ideas about new scenes and the plot for the movie I am going to submit. Plus all these small details about colourization etc.. Instead I should be reading that fukken exam book.

If someone is selling working, not much used self control plix send me one! Or a remote controller which can turn my internal machinimaking circuit just temporarily to the off-position. In exchange I promise to do everything to have the entire murloc population to be extinct by the end of the year.

I'll even ask Jack Bauer to help if I have to!

Should the ruless allow it (I'll do a more in-depth reading on them later) I will post progress shots and making-off stuff here.

But now, back to storyboard... no, no, no... open wowmodelviewer and edit char... NOO! ..just check some locations on map view... NO WAI! ..just one page of script.. GOD DAMNIT!


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