Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Beastro is looking for raiders!

My guild, The Beastro - a horde guild located on Twilight's Hammer (EU) is looking for more players to it's ranks. We are an old guild, been around since 2005.

We are currently raiding Ulduar on 10 man versions - because of the Summer Effect, the lack of 25 man raids is disturbing!

I'm quoting the recruitment post from our realm forums:

We are currently recruiting people to finally clear Ulduar 25m, and aim to eventually get all the hard-mode achievements done.

Our current progress status is 5 on 25m and 11 on 10m mode. The reason why we're still so far behind is because we usually lack just a couple of people to fill the raid.

Our 'Official' raid times are Tusday/Thursday/Sunday invites starting 19:30 or earlier if possible, ending at 23:00 but going on if replacements are available.
Would like to add that currently we also raid nearly every night (YOGI MUST DIE), an exception being Friday and Saturday, the days some of us feel an urge to leave our lairs to feast on booze/blood/boobs.

The Beastro is NOT a ''hardcore'' guld, but neither are we to be mistaken for a casual guild. We're in the Grey Area.

We do not recruit people younger than 18, and most of our members are aged between 20 and 40.

Raiders are expected to come to raids with consumables and knowledge of the enemy, as well as their class. You are expected to have a mic and headphones since we use Vent 2.3 for communication.

1 Enhancement Shaman
2 Holy Priests
1 Feral Druid
1 Moonkin Druid
1 Mage
1 Warlock

Applications are handled on our forum.

Most of the regular questions should be answered by reading the ''README'' section, but don't hesitate to hunt down our officers ingame.

Resistance to rickrolling is recommended.

There's a slight chance that you might get into one of my PvE movies if you join our ranks! Keyword being "slight" - filming as ret paladin (or any melee class) just sucks.

I'm playing with Whitelabel (the ret loladin in the picture, main) and Soosisti (the murloc destroyer returning to life) mostly. I'm there quite irregularly.


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