Tuesday, August 18, 2009

World of Gnomecraft + WTS Skillz!

Due to unforeseen technical issues with the blog, I'm releasing the WoGC downloadable version a bit late.

The funny thing is that I had developed a concept like this in my head for quite a while. When the Buffed.de people asked me to do this video, everything flowed out very easily. Due to the time limit, everything I wanted could not be put there.

Maybe someday I will make a World of Gnomecraft 2. But there's lots of other things to finish before that as always :)

(dead murlocs and rickrolls will cost extra)

The world is in recession, the economy goes straight to hell, the swine flu is here (and soon after the zombie apocalypse resulting from the mutation).. lol wut?!

I'm offering my editing skills to all those in need as freelance bountyhunter.

I've been experimenting with After Effects more and more, I'm getting the hang of the program somewhat nicely.

There's no way that I can say that I'm a great motion designer, hell - I haven't went to any school about the subject. I have no idea where to send a possible demo reel (don't have one) or a CV - therefore I'm WTS'ing myself here!

If you need a guild intro, animated logo for your website or something like that.. gimme a mail! (It does not even have to be anything WoW, machinima or gaming related.)

When I look at the commercials on the TV or game trailers on the net - I often find myself thinking "I could do that".

So one of my questions is, do all these big game companies make their game trailers themselves or do they do it externally?

Or how about smaller game companies, the independent teams - is there a market for trailers produced outside the team? Is there a secret meeting place on the interwebs where the gaming industry gathers to offer and look for services?

I know I can't (and possibly don't want to) make machinima for the rest of my life, that road will come to it's end some day. Trying out my creativity in the other fields of video editing is definitely something I'd love to do.

What I'd like to do is more of this motion graphic stuff, learn to be better by doing. My CV wants more epix inside itself!

If you have an offer which you think I can't refuse, drop a mail to baronsoosdon ( a ) gmail . c 0 m

(ja sama suomeksi)


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