Thursday, July 23, 2009

If you play WoW, you suck and have no life!

Here's a show which I do for - new episodes come out every wednesday. This is the third episode.

Remember kids, "What has been heard can not be unheard!"

I'm hosting this show.

Yes, me. Really. But on the positive site, there's no way that I can rickroll you on the episodes.

But, I'm not here to discuss terribad English pronounciation. Instead I want your WoW screenshots and videos (PvE, PvP)!

Publicity and fame await you, mortal!

Send them to nolife ( a ) machinima . co m

For videos, they should be in .wmv format (for best compatibility), maximum length should be around one minute.

Important: do not include any kind of music to the video.

I'm not sure how big files the mail address can handle, so the best way to send your files is through a file-sharing services.


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