Saturday, May 5, 2007

003 - The Unlimited Escape

Today Unlimited Escapism vol. 2 became the most downloaded movie of all my movies in Warcraftmovies. At the time of writing, UEv2 has been downloaded / streamed or whateverized 37 810 times. But then again, that is a small number compared to the real biggies on the site. But records are meant to be broken! At least personal records, that is :)

The second most downloaded is Project Sunset (I so dislike that movie now).

What I did not mention in the description of UEv2 at the sites that it is released, that the version which I put out is actually a second cut made from scratch. I had about four minutes of edited UEv2 version 1 done when I realized this was not it.

The first version was supposed to have three songs + something for the end credits. That was also something that did not work out as I wanted to, so baibai for them (Rank 1 - Symsonic (Original Dub), Super8 - Cre8, CLSM & Cube::Hard - See You On The Other Side) and welcome "Make U Mine" by David West.

No regrets on that decision at all!

I have no plans for UEv3 yet. First of all, I do not want it to be a repetition of the previous two. The third part needs to have something new and a bit different than just mixing up UT2004, WoW and movies. Whatever that is, I have absolutely no idea currently.

My next project will be the music video for the Ataris machinima contest (see post below).

After that it is time to enter the gates of Scholomance and see if that place could be renovated somehow..

Unless there are other machinima contests coming :)


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