Tuesday, August 14, 2007

052 - Introducing the Intro

As I have wanted to make UEv0 different from the series, one of my first plans were to add an intro to the movie. Making the intro has been a lot easier mostly because of it's soundtrack (ambient and haunting stuff). I also moved some parts from the main movie to the intro and now they fit perfectly.

In theory at least, I'm making the firs test render of the intro overnight :)

But anyways, here is a lovely little screenie from the intro:

I was away for the weekend, we had a lan party.

r actually it was a porn trading / watching party where we played games while watching porn. And there were some drinking as well, but omg I have gotten old..

A full 0.5 ltr bottle of booze survived the trip un-used! :O

I guess I'll save that when/if I graduate (which is hopefully sooner than later) :D


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