Sunday, August 19, 2007

055 - Moar Machinima!

I've completely forgotten to praise other machinima here! But here goes:

Combine Nation - Episode 1
A Half-Life 2 machinima done in the spirit of "Cops" and etc reality police shows. Really funny stuff, /me liked it. Point your browser to this address!

How To Paladin XX
A new HTP! It is almost as good as the best episode in series, Part 9. So umm.. this is my second favourite episode. Shepiwot is my idol. I have tried to learn paladinizing, some of the results can be seen in Unlimited Escapism vol 0. Learn how to paladin for the XXth's time at the other end of this link.

Time Gnomes 3
Time Gnomes finally got the epic ending it deserved. Every open question is answered! Click.


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