Wednesday, March 26, 2008

179 - Looking for TWO female voice actresses!

Oh damn, I so hate getting ideas this "late".

I've filmed now about a minute of the series. I realized that things would work a lot better with real voices than the solution I have now.. so please read on :)

If YOU are a female, want to be a kickass character who kicks ass (by shooting machine guns and driving cars) in the lovely company of Olibith & Drewbie, you might be the one I'm looking for!

Please contact me ASAP at baronsoosdon (a) gmail d0t com. If you have done any machinima voice acting before, please include a link to your previous work(s). I hope that you'll be able to do your role in the future too as this is a series.

I can't give a good estimate on how fast I'll be able to produce the episodes - it really depends on the craziness and amount of action or other "hard shots" in it.

As for the series, I don't want to reveal anything about it till later date.

Hopefully it's not a problem for you to speak out profanities and other foul things :)


At March 26, 2008 at 12:42 PM , Blogger Hugh said...

Strong recommendation - look for voice actors in real life! If you live in a city, try the local universities for drama societies or indeed drama courses.

Good luck!


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