Friday, August 21, 2009

Blizzcon live reportage, Soosdon style!

Nope, I am not at Blizzcon (2200 eur for flight tickets to US is a bit too much for me) - I gave in and bought the stream!

I've not participated in the machinima contest either.

Every other site is doing this, so am I! I'll be updating some stuff what's going on. The timestamps will be in Finland time (GMT +2).

New day!
Ok, still pissed and disappointment about DirecTV. But, the full list of machinima contest winners looks like this:

1. Cranius & Legs - link to video
2. Mike Spiff
3. Sedrin

Huge congratulations to C&L, excellent video! Solid, simple and functional.

--- first day below this line---

06:47 - THE FUCKING STREAM ENDED PREMATURELY. Ye. Right in the middle of the dance contest, the annoucers say "kthxbai", stream cuts. I paid 30 fucking euros to watch the full show, fucking pissed bout this.

05:49 - Jesse Cox in the voice contest!

05:35 - machinima contest 2nd place: mike spiff (or not - it might be against rules, this one has been released before the contest)

05:20 - machinima contest 3rd place: sedrin

04:39 - boobs spotted (costume contest)

04:25 - Contests starting! Hopefully our own herald of Xenu, master of the sound, the Wilhelm Scream of Waveforms - Caruu - will be joining!

03:29 - spell ranks gone, they grow while leveling

03:18 - ArchaelelelelelLOL-ology, a new secondary profession for everyone - collect items, return them to a npc(?) and you get more items

03:16 - HASTE - will now increase regeneration of rickroll; BLOCK value going away

03:14 - DEFENSE GONE - will be replaced with pink dress, ARMOR PENETRATION GONE - will be replaced with a big, green vibrator

03:13 - ATTACK POWER GONE - will be replaced with a giant penis

03:13 - SPELL POWER GONE - will be replaced with INT giving mana and spellpower

03:12 - Item info.. MP/5 will be gone; all healers will be getting a skill like meditation

03:10 - Hunters... no more mana! (replaced with something called Focus)

03:09 - warlocks get a new spell called Soul Burn, when used with any other lock spell it buffs it (for example Soul Burn + Fear = instant cast)

03:07 - WoW class panel started; computer crashed so lets get on - warlocks are getting shards removed! they'll go UI only

02: 28 - no updates for a while, they've been talking 'bout SC2 and D3 mostly - I'm more about WoW :)

23:56 - a very interesting documentary about blizz cinematic department just ended, nice stuff!

23:25 - lotsa hippie druid scum stuff goint in Hyjal, it'll be basically treehuggers vs Ragnaros (who's back)

23:14 - Sunken City of Vashj'Ir and Mount Hyjal will be the two new 78-80 starting zones

23:12 - just as Bibi the Mighty foresaw, Barrens + Desolace are getting the hippie treatment; more trees and stuff


23:01 - GNOME PRIESTS, YES! I'm not kidding - who is up for setting a 100% gnome-only guild?

23:00 - guild levels! we'll be able to level up as guilds by raiding, pvp'ing etc - we'll even get a guild talent tree which will give lotsa epixxx (AKA HARIKARI COME BACK TO BEASTRO WE NEED THE BUFF OF PINK DRESS)

22:56 - SEVEN new zones

22:47 - since I lack a horde rogue on my main account, i think a goblin rogue will be the thing i'll pick

22:36 - deathwing is so emo that he'd explode if there was no plate around his body holding him together

22:35 - deathwing is really rick astley

22:31 - wow panel starting

22:22 - wow cataclysm page:

22:19 - WoW: Cataclysm will prolly come out in 2010

22:16 - mike morhaine is confident that SC2 beta will start this year

22:10 - i so hope that all the whiners at the forums who said "if this is gonna be true, i'll quit" WILL FUCK OFF FOR REAL, YOU ARE NOT NEEDED

22:09 - archaelogy, hunter items, heroic SFK and deadmines.. zomg

22:08 - moomoo paladins and noame priests. yes!

22:07 - ye, it's goblins and worgens

22:06 - great, great - AUBERDINE IN RUINS - take that filthy nelves

22:05 - it seems that we wont see a naked bibi running

22:04 - new expansion trailer is gonna roll!

22:03 - wait is over he says

22:03 - rumours on the internet mentioned /point bibi

22:01 - more gameplay footage, D3 looks very nice! (let it be noted that i have not completed neither of the previous diablo games, nor played them that much)

22:00 - hmm, i'm not that impressed by the ingame animation they showed - but it is still interesting (there was a video of the monk pewpewing some big ass demon)

21:57 - new diablo class - the monk

21:56 - he said "roll the frozen throne" - zomg.. my wish about a rickroll spell might be true!

21:55 - "we got a couple of trailers to show you!"

21:52 - enter Chris Metzen

21:51 - /cheer it like you mean it

21:51 - ozzy cancelled, rick astley to replace him

21:48 "otto on lonkero, otto pitää japanilaisista koulutytöistä"

21:48 crap, forgot the alcohol

21:48 bruce campbell will NOT be playing leeroy jenkins (but according to mr morhaine it will not be a bad idea)

21:47 sam raimi mentioned

21:46 starcraft 2 coming 2010!

21:45 people are booing at the upcoming faction change feature, lol

21:44 phasing mentioned

21:43 lag

21:42 haha video copilot assets spotted

21:41 footage from old stuff.. time to get alcoholz!

21:36 teeheehee cataclysmic joke

21:35 hi2u mike morhaine too

21:34 - it seems that you can gief feedback @ blizzcon.. i've got negative feedback, still lacking the summon to the event!

21:33 - ZOMG DREWBIE ACTION FIGURES (no, not really)

21:32 - fix'd

21:31 - lol no sound, guy is talking but me no hear nothing.. technical problemos ftw!

21:30 - it be starting now, mon!

21:29 - btw.. if there be gnome priests, i be wantin' gnome paladins too, mon!

21:28 - the announcers say it starts in five minutes..

21:25 - chicks in WoW costumes? WHAT IS THIS? does that mean that there are girls on the internet.. let alone playing WoW... zomg

21:21 - not one, but TWO lesbian vampires in the mountains

21:19 - god damn i want one of those marine thingies.. so umm, anyone got an extra press pass and a summon to california?

21:17 - wtf.. they have some perverse torture devices in the event!

21:16 - btw.. blizz EU loves World of Gnomecraft, it was featured on the WoW-EU frontpage for the second time!

21:14 - i wonder how many seconds will be shown of the machinima contestants' works? 1? 2? 0.75?

21:12 - pfft, tournaments are for pvpEMOS

21:11 - lolol finland was on TV (yea, us finns love teh fame of our country)

21:09 - the tv is showing a document, "inside blizzard co." - still no sight of a big Soosdon The Warlock statue

21:07 - giving a shout out for a friends site, all Diabloists go check out

21:04 - eriyanna promised to spread the great word of rickroll to the event, as i could not be there.. THIS MUST BE SEEN ON THE STREAM

21:03 - zomg, the cataclysm trailer has leaked to the internet

21:01 - the stream has gone live? lolol.. i'm part of ZOMG TELEVISION HISTORY


At August 22, 2009 at 11:54 AM , Blogger Olibith said...

So who won ??? This stream thing sucks... I tried to keep awake during the night but I had to wake up early. Can't find any news online this morning.

At August 23, 2009 at 9:54 PM , Blogger X-Cross said...

I wanna see Sedrins video again. The quality wasn't too good + it was laggy.

At August 24, 2009 at 3:09 PM , Blogger .mindseas said...

Fantastic post... - not. I don't know what happened to the style, but I wasn't able to see any of it. In this case it might have been better to let us down and give it up =]


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