Friday, May 11, 2007

005 - What will the future bring..

OK, first some pics:
(click on 'em to make bigger)

Those three pictures above are from my first model change ever. The idea behind them is a mutated and diseased Barrens (I named the project "The Barrens Biohazard").

My plan was to change Barrens almost completely and release a movie..

..but as usual, things go wrong. Like Al Lowe once said, "save early, save often". Well I did save often, but I guess not early enough. But then again, as I am still quite a n00hb considering the modelchanging this was to be expected.

The project is not completely wasted and gone, but finding the correct and functional files from the broken ones is a pain in the ass. A pain which I have no interest in suffering at the moment.

The modification was done under the WoW v1.12.1 client by simply editing the .MPQ files and replacing one model with another. Thanks to Snoman and Dopefish for all the help & guides!

Currently I'm still working on the contest video for The Atari' contest. The movie itself is about halfway done, but it still needs lotsa tweaking and designing. I even derived from my original script and plan a bit in order to make the movie work a bit better.


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