Monday, August 20, 2007

056 - Perfection

I found it.

THE perfect ending credits track for UEv0.

It fits like a condom. It fits like a rusty screwdriver plunged into a murlocs eye. It fits like a tactical nuclear strike to this p.o.s. town I'm living in. It fits like a tentacle to a schoolgirl on a japanese cartoon. It fits like using the force when flying on the trenches of Death Star. It fits like gnome secks in a movie by Olibith.

The overall movie goes a little bit of change too, I am removing the second track. Currently UEv0 is just perfect in size and that other track would make it too long.

But this ending track.. perfect!

Olibith also sent me a scene he made to UEv0. See a little preview about it on his blog.

Last but not least - a huge thanks to Dopefish! He gave me something very very very very very useful for UEv0 - and here it is:


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