Monday, August 27, 2007

062 - Saatana Perkele! + Cookies

AgregrGRlgRLgr! Once again that asshole Vegas decided to go murloc and got stuck!

This time it did not crash, but when I opened my computer in the morning it just kept rendering nothing. Vituttaa. In my anger I ordered a nuclear strike to every murloc village possible.

This is the third time Vegas is acting up on me when rendering a UEv0:SYS demo :(

Fellow Vegas users, I urge you to check out this little article, it sure helps on the performance of loading files. The best advice ever is "Save Early, Save Often!"

The good thing is that I can still edit the movie without any major crashing (it happens while editing but not that much). My plan is to edit the movie till completion even if the rendering stuff crashes or keeps getting errors. The last resort is to re-install Windows and hope that rendering in a "clean environment" will solve the issue.

But the whining and /emoQQwristing aside - here's some cookies:


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