Friday, September 21, 2007

078 - A bunch of pics and some text

This sure is one damn interesting video to make (in the terms of learning new stuff etc). The creation itself gives some nice challenges - to sync the vocalist into the music (the regular models have limited animations) and to sync the band itself to the music.

A large percentage of the song is mostly bass and drums + vocals. There are parts when the whole thing "explodes" and the electric guitars come in so more members of L70 ETC can be shown.

Most of the video will be WoWmodelviewed and chromakeyed footage. But I am going to add some in-game shots too, just like the one below:

There will also be scenes where the entire band is playing together. They are the most time-consuming to make, especially when there is room for every member to have a shadow. A waste of time someone might say, since those shadows are always not that visible on the end result.

The visual style on this video is very important. As it is a rock/metal video the happy and shiny natural colors of WoW do not fit there without some additional colourization. The rock'n'toll credibility factor, you know :)

Today I did my first composition in After Effects, yay! No, I will not be putting a picture of that here (it just looks so stupid without motion). It is intentional that I have not yet publically announced the original performer and the title of the song.

One more for this evening, something both crazy and different :D


At September 22, 2007 at 5:35 PM , Blogger Snobaste said...

Damn this is looking really awesome!


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