Saturday, November 17, 2007

116 - The Irony Of Things..

OK, so I was supposed to have a break again.

The making of "Limited Escapism" once again drained my idea pool quite empty - actually so empty that I wanted to play WoW and try all these new cool things in the new 2.3 patch and try to get my addiction back...

..but on friday I found out that I had run out of game time. Sure, no prob - let's just go and buy more. But oh wait, as this place is a city of grayness and epic phailure of course there are no game time cards on any of the shops. So.. till monday then.

Indeed it seems to be so that when I try to take a break from machinima, machinima does not want to take a break from me.

This project that I now started to work on has been about 60% ready for approximately two months. It is a collaboration project between me and Olibith.

Wish I could plug in to my computer for a while and go there instead of freezing my ass off here..

Currently the movie does not have a finally final name, so I'll refer it to as OliBeach. It is going to be a short story (running time about 2 - 3 min) about Olibith loading his batteries with solar power on a sunny island. Boobs and an epix duel will be involved.

OliBeach is also a cross-game machinima. The whole movie (or at least what's done so far) is done using WoW characters and UT 2004 backgrounds (ONS-IslandHop map).

OliBeach story is written by me and Olibith. Oli also storyboarded the whole thing, which made the actual machinimating a lot easier.

You get to see the storyboards when the movie is completed and released.

Fully charged! Screw you AC adaptor!

There will be no voice acting, since Olibith the gnome does not talk. This is a story which works better without words. One of the goals of this movie is to give it's viewer that warm feeling which scares this cursed winter away.

What a beach!

I have no ETA when this movie will be ready. It may be next week, it may be 2008. In this case I am really not in a hurry.

If you want more previews how this movie will feel and look, listen to some summerish trance made by Sunlounger and DJ Shah.

The "Another Day On The Terrace" album by Sunlounger is the thing you want to find if you are a fellow winter hater like me.


At November 17, 2007 at 11:51 PM , Blogger Snobaste said...

There are two things that are good about winter: Christmas and snow. Seeing as Christmas is one day and it never snows were I live anyway, I, also, hate it.

It has its good points though. Girls are a lot more snuggly in the cold ;)

Anyway, I made Dun Tropica out of a want to escape from winter, so let the hate flow out and into this collaboration movie! It looks good :D


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