Monday, April 21, 2008

191 - A new video on the works. Again.

So I thought I'd release something small and quick before Kake Buk episode 1. An one-day weekend project again. But.. things aren't so simple.

The idea of the video is this: an undead female (shadowpriest of course!) goes from place to place blowing up alliance or other foul fiends with an imba shadownova spell, sometimes smashing dwarf skulls with a two-handed mace.

All this happens to a Drum'n'Bass song, "Rage & Rapture" by Quadrant & Cease.

I thought this would be very easy and fast to do, but the perfectionist inside me has an alternative opinion. Especially the "I WANT EVERYTHING TO SYNC TO THE MUSIX FFS!" perfectionist part.

This song, like many other DnB songs has a little section of beats - which is about roughly 15-17 frames long, going throughout the song. After this small amount of time, the scene changes.. and there will be lots of these cuts (no emo kids, not that kind of cuts). More tweaking, more time - a lot of phun!
As you can see from the screenshots, I am going for a really bleak, gloomy and creepy look for the video.

There's also a little texture change on the video, I changed the red skeletal mount to the White Deathknight Charger. That is one bad ass mount, hope Blizz someday adds it officially in-game.

*cough* WOTLK *cough*

I saved the most shocking news till the end.

There will be no murlocs in the video.


At April 22, 2008 at 2:40 AM , Blogger Kammicat said...

No murlocs????

However, i can't wait until the release^^

At April 22, 2008 at 11:18 PM , Blogger Olibith said...

How can you have enough mojo man ?
Save some in the freezer and chill ! :D

At April 22, 2008 at 11:29 PM , Blogger Vilaeryn said...

Good, I'm glad she smashes Dwarf heads..they are hairy and totally eww.
Ohh so darkalicios and gloomy !! Appealing to the vampire crowd huh?

wait a moment !!!! HAHA I just had a thought....
The Emo kids will cut themselves in saddened fits of longing because there are no abused murlocs to identify with in this video.
BUT ! Since it is darkalicios and scary, it will attract the vampire kids and they can feed off the bleeding, cut emo kids crying in the corner !!!

Phuk man! It's Genius I tell you!!! >.>


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