Saturday, August 2, 2008

232 - Busted

A cool feature there - take your mouse to the topright corner and the eyes of the gnome follow you..
(Blame Pinkhair for that!)

Update! Some lovin' from the French!
Filefront download (XViD 720p - 320 mb)
Megaupload download (XVid 720p - 320 mb)
GameTV HD Streaming (the site is in French)

(from Overclocked remix - the links take you to song downloads)

"Motor Crazycycle" by Tefnek
"Son of Chaos" by Xaleph
"Confronting The Mystic" by Sephfire
"Sleep, My Sephy" by Pot Hocket
"Snow Field" by Tefnek
"Mark of the Beatsmith" by Hy Bound

(some of these were on the end credits, some not - enjoy anyways!)

Dead Crusaders and A Wedding
..and she gave birth to a healthy, pinkhaired baby boy!
This is what mommy and daddy do when the kid sleeps (inspired by Olibith)
SOF Brigade
Fail Land Roller Coaster
Frozen Olibith (wallpaper)
The Best Kept Secret Of The Horde
Running on the beach

Dang, I don't have much to say excep thanks to all the voters and everyone involved once more! Everyone in the actual moviemaking (Pink, Selserene, Caruu, Drewbie, Olibith) and the supportive peoplez at #machinima.

Pinkhair made us promise that we'd make a making of-thingie about the movie if we win. In video format! For release dates, poke Pinkhair for extra information.

This is the first actual machinima that features the use of Malu05's WoW machinima tool. I also used multiboxing on some of the scenes, very likely for the first time in a machinima.

I also made an other promise, to the voters at Twilight's Hammer - my home realm. Some time in this year, I will film an epixx-scale dance/fun event movie there. Everyone is invited!

Yes, that means YOU!

I've gotten some requests from people who say that "zomg i wanna be in your movie" - this will be your chance.

US WoW players can join too - though the thing is that you need to make an EU trial account (do NOT do it yet - I have no dates nor hard drive space available as of now).


And yes, I am really expecting submissions to my own contest ;D


At August 2, 2008 at 2:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please look at the background (behind the banner) of WCM there is the hidden key to the cow lvl. (Related to your Movie)

At August 2, 2008 at 11:01 AM , Anonymous Norswap said...

Hey, make it near noobie zone, so I can come and dance like A GAY.

Also I forgot to say last time : congrats for your epic win.


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