Wednesday, December 17, 2008

263 - Contests, contests..

Yea, XMas contests!

WeGame has one. I'm joining. has one. I'm joining if I have time to finish, film and polish a second movie. has one. I'm not joining for obvious reasons. Gotta love the prizes.. A frostmourne replica and a bear statue by Kilh.

The one I'm filming for WeGame is relatively fast to do, as I'm filming it 98% ingame. The lack of WotLK model viewer is disturbing!

It will be a music video with no or a very few dead murlocs.

One preview pic:

What would a post be without me babbling about No Point: Stretching Time?

Well, a famous sound designer with an affection to Tom Cruise and movies with black horse riders and yellow outlines is sound designing it.

Your subwoofer will be no stranger to boom.. I hope!


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