Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blizzcon 2009: The Good, The Bad and The MrgRLGwrrGrgBrlGrgbl

Blizzcon 2009 came and went. So what was good? What was bad? What was something in between?


WoW: Cataclysm
The announcement was not a surprise. It is a great move to destroy the old rold, this is how the world should progress! I was so happy to see Auberdine in ruins, in your face - filthy nelf scum!

The simplification of the stats pleases a retard like me. I have hated maths and numbercrunching my entire life. No shards for warlocks! Paladins get a holy bomb, a 30 megaton nuclear judgement!

Gnome priests! Finally, finally! At the moment I can't say will I be rolling a gnome priest from the start or shall I do a faction transfer. I guess that the re-shaping of the old world and the new talents given to the classes will also affect my decision.

Also, I want to join a gnome-only guild when this happens. O'rly-really.

Goblins! Definitely will be rolling one of those too - might even do the race change thing from some of my currently existing characters should it happen.

Worgen! As they are not weregnomes, I'll probably roll one only for work reasons and to check out the visuals of the starting area. The style and appearance of Gilneas is damn amazing as seen from the previews.

Last but not definitely least.. I'm sincerely hoping that all those "QQ BLIZZ DESTROYED THIS GAME IM GONNA QUIT WWWAAAAAHHH"-people leave the game.

The sooner the better.

Star Craft 2 map/mod creation tool(s) - damn. That was the coolest shit ever. In case someone missed the stream or was not at Blizzcon, the short version is that the SC2 tools will allow you to make almost everything.

The Blizzard programmers had made an oldschool shoot 'em up game (like R-Type) and a FPS game with the SC2 engine.

All this could also mean a new era in machinima creation, depending on how far the customization can go.

I'm having some faith that with SC2 I'll be finally able to make the Nikita storyline machinima (currently it's just not possible, I lack the technical skills and all that).


Old world raids? I did hear from TotalBiscuit @ #machinima irc that they will be spared and left as they are (excluding Onyxia). Also, someone did mention that in WoW-eu forums.

In none of the panels that I listened to this was not confirmed nor denied.

I still want to get a Thunderfury!

Poison resistant and ready to rock!

Machinima contest - I did not participate, but this time it was a move towards something better. They did show all the entries in full, BUT the three minute time limit is just too low.

Every machinimaker who I knew and planned on entering, did not like this. Three minutes is just too short. Five minutes would be the perfect length, not being too much or too little in either way.

The worst thing were the rules which were modified and changed along the way.


DirecTV Stream - oh boy. The first day was a damned disappointment. I paid 30 euros to not see the whole show. You see, the transmission was cut off right before the event was over.

I missed the second half of the voice-a-like contest, some of the dance contest and the announcement of machinima finalists. I was forgiving about the buffering and all, but cutting off the transmission before it's all over was totally not cool.


And second of all, not all panels where shown on the stream.

Really, why?

This is the internet, it can't be a total impossibility to have multiple streams come out and let the user decide what he does or does not want to see. Technically it shouldn't be that difficult.

But hey.. at least I'll get a murloc pet to toss in the various lava pits around Azeroth.

Blizzcon 2010?

Will I be there?

*cough cough* LF sponsor, will rickroll and machinimake a report of the event if requested.


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