Monday, September 28, 2009

Going to France + Audio Interview

I'm going to France!

Well, sort of!

Olibith and his gnomish compatriots are arranging a gnomish orgy.. ERM, I mean a gnome meeting/roleplay-event of sorts in a French RP server (Kirin Tor).

I have been invited there and my supreme goal is to make a machinima mockumentary dockumentary about the event (in Finnish, of course). Expect lots of cursing and other immature stuff!

Currently I got no clue how I'll manage, since the only phrase I know in French is "Never Gonna Give You Up, Never Gonna Let You Down".

The event is taking place this friday (2th October) on the FR-EU server Kirin Tor, 20:30 gnomish vibration time. I've already created a gnome on the server, Bsoosdon is his name.

You can see an intro video for the event by clicking this (made by Olibith).

During the weekend, the fine folks of did an audio interview with me.

You'll get to read'n'hear it once it's done, links will be here :)


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