Tuesday, May 15, 2007

006 - I Have Seen The Light (tm)

I have seen the light. It came from the world's imbaest paladin - Shepiwot. Thanks to him, my future as a machinimaker and the style of my future movies is completely clear. Check out his magnificiently superacebestly excellent "How To Paladin"-series from links below!

How To Paladin
How To Paladin II - Revenge On The Bots
How To Paladin III
How To Paladin IV
How To Paladin V
How To Paladin VI
How To Paladin VII
How To Paladin VIII
How To Paladin IX
How To Paladin X

Enlightened by these genious machinimas, I had to make a tribute to him. Instead of releasing 9 separate movies (X was not out at the time of making), I made parts 1-9 into one movie. So lemme present to ya:

LOL, Lightwell vol. 1-9

Something is really wrong with that movie. People are liking it :o Will there be a sequel? Hell yeah. But first things first, I should start making the imba finale sequence for my entry to the Atari's contest and tweak the beginning up a little. After my next test render I'm gonna post pics about the project here. Pewpew!


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