Thursday, August 30, 2007

065 - Success!

Hahah, finally I succeeded in rendering an up-to-date demo of UEv0:SYS!

I think updating Vegas to version 6.0d and adding more temporary memory for Windows helped. A lot. After some Googling I found out that the Magic Bullet HD effect plugin might cause some bugging.

But anyways, this is good news since now I can postpone that Windows XP re-install for a bit!

I also wanted to give my new 8800GTX some hell yesterday so I tested the Bioshock demo. I want that game, the demo kicked ass. If I can, I will implement some crossgame stuff from Bioshock to UEv0:SYS :)

update: Did some Bioshocking and it looks promising - final verdict comes when I see the effectized version in motion.

Update 2: A newer version of the picture. I removed the noise effect, the whole scene works and looks better without it.


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