Thursday, January 1, 2009

269 - Foreseeing the future

So ok, happy new year!

In my pagan country we have this tradition or occult rite of foreseeing the future. You smelt tin (no skill-ups) and then toss it into a bucket of cold water.

Things are produced and they tell your future. Or so they say! don't know what people in other countries do but you know the rules and so do I.

The first one on the upper left is definitely an epic 2H weapon. Melee or caster? Prolly melee since my main is a retardin. Whitelabel is currently using Cryptfiend's Bite - so that thing must mean that either Ashbr.. Astleybringer or Frostmourne will drop for me.

Next to it is definitely a shield! You see, I'm leveling a protection paladin too. WHAT KIND OF A SICK WEIRDO AM I? The kind that likes the sounds and sights of dropping and flying hammers who are never gonna turn around and hurt you.

On the upper right corner, there is definitely something. I think it is a messenger of Xenu! Which translates to a scene of a draenei talking about people being stuffed into mountains and blown up to create these things that I've been thinking of.

At lower left - that thing is clearly something that resembles a dragon. Epic flying mount incoming! Or a trip to somewhere warm. I'm actually thinking of traveling somewhere, the destination, time and funding are still a mystery though.

A PILE! THERE IS A PILE! That means many things - most likely it is resembles forecoming rickroll victims. Or dead murlocs. Or machinimas to be created.

But most likely all these things are just tin without any deeper meaning!

Now.. there is one thing left to do as the year has started.


I'll be most likely awarding people with machinima awards. No, you won't be getting anything real for them and all nominees + winners are based on my VERY BIASED opinions.


At January 1, 2009 at 3:55 AM , Blogger Cedstick said...


Heh, I lol'd. I think we need to WoW it up less :(

Wait a sec, that's blasphemy myself!
Happy New Years!

At January 1, 2009 at 2:39 PM , Blogger Blaxus said...

oh no jou just did not rick roll me at 1 januari .....
Well i guess theres only one thing to say:

Happy Newyear...
And i hope to see more machinimas...

Btw... didn't you enter in the warcraftmovies contest or was that one movie you created about christmas the same you sent in as the one in wegame? :)


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