Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oldschool + HD @ YouTube

Let's start with some OLD vanilla videos which I've reuploaded to the internets.

The editing in these is sub-par, cover your eyes.

MRG Molten Core: Part 1
This is the first ever WoW-related video I ever made.
Features an epic framerate resulting
from a Radeon 9200 gfx card. Let's not forget the absolutely cheesy and shitty use of effects.

IMBA: The Beastro Movie
Even more oldschool action! Vanilla instances in vanilla times. By this movie I had realized that the message of seething murloc hate should be spread around the world.

And the effects got even more cheesier and shittier.

But hey.. at least there is no Linkin Park.

The Beastro & Beyond Oblivion vs Prophet Skeram
This is as far as we got in Vanilla. Unlike the two abominations above, this video has a bit more taste.

Even more old videos!
These are available to download in WCM, but I re-uploaded them to YouTube as the new HD quality streaming there is really good.

I'm So Sick
Sunday Break
Limited Escapism: To Cure A Hangover
The Device Has Been Modified
Final Warcraft VI

Some people (myself included) have had laggish playback on the HD streams of YouTube.
Don't know about Internet Exploder, but with Firefox a browser restart should fix the issue.

I've received lots of auditions for Unpuntable 2. I've been busy working on something else which has priority above everything else. Now that it's done, I'll go through all the auditions and assign the roles.

Thanks for the submissions!


At April 14, 2009 at 2:01 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't find track "Muffler - I Go". Can you share this track please. Thx


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