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Oldschool v2.0

This is not a machinima related post. Well, not for the most part!

Meet my lv60 oldskool vanity alt paladin, Metaverse.

I've managed to get him quite pimped out by hanging around with various PuGs to the oldschool instances. Being prot is hot, and throwing all the hammers has never been this fun.

My current main, Whitelabel is a paladin as well.

It is quite nice when the epics just fall from the sky to your hands while being carried by a raid of 80's.

I'd like to experience the old raids they were, this time as a horde paladin (I was a warlock in the previous life). For that, the world (of Warcraft) needs people at level 60.

So.. dear Blizzard, if anyone from your side is reading this, please consider this suggestion of mine.

There is quite a multitude of threads (on EU forums at least) asking for oldschool servers. That is something what I am not asking for.

Whilst vanilla WoW had it's pros, it sure had some really annoying cons.

Biggest of being them forcing class X into one role - healer, dps or tank. There were no real hybrids. With WotLK, the different talent trees of each (hybrid) class are more useful to it's purpose.

For example, the thought of bringing a shadow priest to dps in vanilla was a really, really crazy thought. It was either heal or gtfo.

I've always been horde so I can't say anything about the state of vanilla paladins, but the roots of "LOLRET" go long. As far as I know, prot paladins were not much of use in the days of vanilla. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :)
This picture has absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the post. However, those who understand what is going on.. are truly enlightened.

One of the most used counter-attack opinions against the oldschool servers is the "feeling of nostalgia", remembering only the good things from the past.

Completely true!

I did not even remember that when WoW started, there were no connected flight paths or linked Auction Houses.

The good old Southshore vs Tarren Mill battle was fun, as long as you were the high level character fighting the battle. But as a lowbie alt... ouch.

I'm raiding the new content and all, which I personally like a lot more than the raids introduced at the start of TBC. Our guild is a casual raiding guild, nothing too hardcore. We've been around since the vanilla times.

But I still like to experience the old world content. Call me a masochist, but I wanna take my protadin out there to Silithus and pewpew all those Twilight's Hammer cultists down just to get their encrypted texts for reputaiton.

Finally to the main point of this post: the thing I wish to suggest is simply the ability to lock your character to level 60.

Someone in the back row might yell "THEN GET A VANILLA ACCOUNT FFS!".

That is one alternative, but it removes the option for Horde paladins and Alliance shamans.

Back then those two classes were faction restricted.

Now, I would like to see how the oldskool content works with all possible classes. With a raid full of 60's the encounters still require effort and coordination. And more importantly, people enjoy playing shamans and paladins.

Why restrict them with classic accounts?

In my opinion, the "new" classes (Death Knights included) would bring a nice extra touch to the old world raiding experience, making things go smoother. Joining a new guild on the other faction to play shaman or paladin is not a thing that everyone is willing to do.

Instead of wasting money and time on getting an "oldschool server" running, implementing the option to lock a character down to 60, would be a lot easier - and probably cheaper - in terms of technical things (compared to setting up X amount of server machines).

Hell, I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount to lock the level of my character.

Both the playerbase (oldskool enthusiasts, I am sure that there are lot of us AND those who did not experience vanilla WoW) and Blizzard would benefit from this: I am quite sure that people who have their accounts cancelled would come out and try this option.

Do I need to dig deep into the ground to stay at 60?

And yes, there is a personal agenda in asking the lv60 lockdown: poor Metaverse is about 1.5 bars away from dinging 61. Getting Quel'Serrar, returning Onyxia's + Ossirian's heads etc have given quite a lot of XP.

And I really, o'rly-rly really want him to stay at 60.

Even with the option, I'd still like to see all the new content and instances.

The best part in my WoW experience has been the leveling: seeing the new quests, areas and instances for the first time. Learning new encounters and bosses, having them go down after all the frustrating wiping is a feeling made of win.

"A gnomeburger for Tyrael, some murloc eye soup for me please."

TLDR Version: Please Blizzard, give us an option to lock our characters to level 60. Thanks.

Lots of empty space here. Oh my, let's fill it with a rickroll!

And now the machinima part of this post:

No Point: Stretching Time is 99.99% finished. I got the excellent sounds from Caruu, a nice opening credit sequence from Pinkhair and some cool rendered pictures (a little preview of them in the picture below) from an artist by the name of Alexandra Vorobiova.

More about all this on the next posts to come :)


At February 22, 2009 at 11:22 PM , Blogger Asgard said...

you make me cry when i read this post.
i know what you mean . every day,when i was in the world of warcraft,i missed something.i couldnt describe what it was.
it make me sad to see what wow has become after bc. i freezed my account 3 weeks ago and after reading your post,i rushed into the wow realm boards , looking for a guild which is existing with the opinion,that prebc was the best time of wow.and yes, i found such a guild.its on kil jaeden, and i am thinking of buying a new classic account and joining the guild.
when i remember the encounter,like onyxia or c´thun.epic <3 thanks baron for this kind of "flashback"

At February 24, 2009 at 2:30 PM , Blogger .mindseas said...

Nice post Baron.

Unfortunately, with all the changes that have been brought by both expansions and related updates, even locking your characters to 60 doesn't mean you'll get an authentic feel for what the old-world content used to be like.

You mention that you like how the current end-game plays, more than TBC. Has difficulty anything to do with it or is it just because WotLK explains itself better and thus you know you're a part of something "important"?

Raids back in Vanilla were a lot more challenging, hence so few got to see much of the content because of the limitation of what each class could do and how well. Downranking worked - as did addons that did stuff for you. Most importantly though, they were planned to be doable with the classes, abilities and lacks of the possible setups back then. Now you have a lot more options, tons more synergy.

On the other side, with groups of 40, you could make it by having about half of that of capable players - well, at least in MC - and the rest could be pretty much dragged along.

I think TBC raids felt more like a challenge because in the average guild there really wasn't any room for slackers anymore. Everyone needed to chip in to make fights work. Oh, the poor old Magtheridon, the king of all Pit Lord fights - until they amputated it way past stupidity.

Personally, in terms of enjoyable content, Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine were the most entertaining raiding places I've experienced. It was challenging, with refreshingly different encounters. Only gripes were the requirement of shuffling groups and the slight feeling of "why are we here"?

The idea of being able to stop a character from gaining experience is great. I've also thought about that when reading the "I want the old raids back" threads. Just be prepared that the fights will never be what they used to be if you are able to bring the current incarnations of talents to them, despite the possible level limitation.

At February 24, 2009 at 3:09 PM , Blogger BaronSoosdon said...

.mindseas: I don't even want the authentic oldschool feeling. There were too much crap back then (in addition to the good things).

What I'd like is to experience it all in a new vay, hence the topic title "Oldschool v2.0". With more DPS classes, the old instances should flow a lot more nicely.

The only thing I remember from TBC are endless amounts of annoying trash mobs.

When the dual-spec patch hits, I'm gonna consider getting myself a classic account and RaF'ing it to my main. Then I'll make the second spec of my paladin to prot and go pew pew good old Molten Core for epix.

One of the things I want to experience from oldschool is the hunter item (bow + staff) quest chains. It is said to be challenging and I want to see it through :)

Of course, I have nothing against being an off-tank with the lv60 protadin I have for the oldschool raids. I want to see and experience AQ40 cleared the way it should.

At February 26, 2009 at 10:52 PM , Blogger .mindseas said...

If anything, I'm quite sure it'll change the way you feel about TBC raid trash amounts =]

I absolutely agree it'd bring more value to the old content for those who actually want to see how the end-game instance design - has changed over time.

Toes up that the idea will be heard.

At February 26, 2009 at 11:04 PM , Blogger BaronSoosdon said...

From what I've seen while being carried through AQ40, some really sexy trash packs there.

BWL had the oh-so-lovely Suppression Doom!

Masochism for the win.


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