Friday, January 2, 2009

First Photoshopping of 2009

Let's start the new year with some photoshopping!

I got the idea for this poster when I realized that I do not have a copy of "The Shining" in my DVD collection. Some oldskool DnB was playing on the background and it was -10c outside.

LE2 is currently a not-too-finished idea in my head. I do hope to get it filmed and done this year.

But in a nutshell, these are some things to be expected from it:
  • a gorloc sidekick
  • rickrolls to end all rickrolling
  • Pulp Fiction parodying (with gnomes)
  • stolen weed
  • introduction of AAEPD (Azerothian Anti-emo Police Department)
  • a great deal of information about Space Oniontology and things being stuffed into volcanoes
  • possibly a black yellow-outlined horseman
  • the gnovibrator kicked down to water

Releasing LE2 is not a new years promise, but my new year's decision is to greatly reduce randomity in my machinimas (which does not apply to LE2 as it's randomity level will be over 8999) and make them more solid.

2009 will be the year of trying out new things.

That said, the numbering of posts will end starting now.


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