Sunday, May 20, 2007

007 - Soosdon, Baron Soosdon (preview pic call incoming!)

Finally it starts to be ready.

Today, the release candidate 1 version of my movie to The Ataris machinima contest was rendered. Most of the movie was OK, but there were still some minor tweaking to do. So the finally final version gets rendered tonight and I think I'm gonna submit it tomorrow to the site unless there are more things to be fixed :P

But as I earlier promised, here are some preview pics (from the HD720p version):

This machinima of all my current works to date has taken the most time to render. The RC1 version took 5h 51min (iirc) to render. And that time does not include the time taken for the pre-rendered scenes.

The movie itself does not 100% relate to the songs (Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies) lyrics but instead the song is used as a soundtrack for a machinima. When I listened to the three songs available, I knew that that one was the I'm gonna use.

What next then? :P

A little break (ranging from 0 seconds to few days) from machinimaking , then some planning for next Unlimited Escapism (it'll either be UEv0 or UEv3) and maybe two music videos.

And of course most importantly - LOL, Lightwell vol. 10!


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