Tuesday, June 12, 2007

019 - Ancient Times...

"Let's go back to the rock.. Let's go back to the rock.. and see it at four forty!"
-Apollo 440 - Ain't talkin' 'bout Dub

Now something different. A few of my movies from the ancient times, when I was starting my machinimation career. The first one is almost as retarded as me.

"The Adventures Of Dilligaf *)" tells the epic story of a lv1+ troll Dilligaf walking around the World (of Warcraft), trying to gank and get ganked. Features filthy language (in the music).

*)D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F. = Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck

"Twill For The Kill!" is an advertisement for the most imbaest set ever made - Twill. This movie is also my first machinima where I used only WoW model viewer. Not that special of a movie really. Made in 2006 too. This movie was the thing that eventually spawned "Two Gnomes And A Tauren: The Quest For Twill".

"Raid Together, Die Alone" is sort of an prehistoric Unlimited Escapism. Featuring the coolest shots from some of our best raids (oh those were THE days), the second part of the Soos vs Murlocs war and BOOBS after the end credits.

I'll be posting more of my golden oldies here in the future. For a complete archive of my works, check the Nublock Archive v0.1 (almost all of the movies have streams).


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