Wednesday, May 23, 2007

009 - Patchday Pewpew

Ah the patch day.. And everything has gone fine! Except the little minor annoyances.

Some of the damned addons need to be updated as usual but that's no big deal. Then.. another upgrade. The (oh noes) private server!

As the emulator/private server has become quite essential for my machinimaking (I no longer can't think of making anything without one) I o'rly-really hope that the emu devs get the things fixed and running again. Like I stated on my UEv2 description, the emus are no good for playing the game (imo - tho some people might be ok with a 'lesser' game experience) but for movie making.. a dream come true.

Using an emu with two computers allows to make better camera angle shots. When that is merged with WoWmodelviewed material the possibilities are almost endless. And besides, the emu works better than WoWmapviewer when filming background shots. Best of both worlds in one place - really great.

But then again, the big B does not love the use of emus methinks. It would be truely acebestestly pewpewingly great if the guys in the B office would give us machinimakers a tool.. Somekinda sandbox thingie which would allow us to run around and make the imbaest machinima ever.



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