Saturday, June 9, 2007

015 - The Making Of Unlimited Escapism vol. 3

"It's a sin to see this in Youtube quality. Download the high resolution now!"
-Gobbler, Myndflame

Oh my fricking god. Even the gods like the productions of such a lowly worm as me :D The nice myndflame fellows gave me a webspace on their site! Made me go, like, w00t. Check it out here (click the image which is full of BS).

But now down to the business. UEv3.

History repeated itself again. My original plan was to feature three songs in UEv3: an epic movie style intro (First & Andre - Cruiser (directors cut mix)), a lovely and a nice 90's epic trance piece (Marc'n'Ace - Conquest Paradise (Planet Trax remix) and a fast epic freeformer (Proteus - Venla).

Even though the songs were great (the vinyl of 'Venla' is one of my most preciousssss in ze collection), they just did not do the job. And the job has to be done since UE series are mostly about the music.

So back to browsing the colletion and there it was - Whirlpools track Under The Sun (Solarstone remix) was it. The song brought back memories of cold cider and other cool stuff from 2004. Just like with UEv2 soundtrack I knew that was it.

Then the guest stars. Snoman's imba mapchanges were surely to be included. One of my original ideas was to use them in UEv2 but they just did not fit. But here they do their job perfectly. My favourite of them all still is "The Hillsbrad Dream". THD got even more punch and prettiness now, all those filters made it look really great.

"Olibith is just a Gnome, but a Gnome with altitude. Some says he's weird, others, that he's insane or pervert... You'll have to figure out by yourselves."

It was an honor to have the coolest gnome with attitude to guest star in UEv3! I made him an offer which he had an option to refuse but he did not :D Not many gnomes get to ride a black dragon on City 17. Or run faster than sports cars. Olibith will be seen also on Unlimited Escapism vol. 0!


Yea, a prequel - or maybe a new spin-off series. Unlimited Escapism vol. 0 will be very different from the other movies. It won't feature trance as soundrtack but drum'n'bass instead. My aim is to make UEv0 a bloody mess (beheadings, murloc killing etc). With style. Also some older and legendary games are going to be featured, namely Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast version).

And the striptease scene from Sin City.

My completely incomplete mapchange "The Barrens Biohazard" is going to be featured on UEv0 as well. For more info on TBB, go back a few posts.


At June 11, 2007 at 8:27 PM , Anonymous Long Shadow said...

Always liked your movies. From back in the days we raided Molten core....
Always there is something different in it, and the returing murlock...Love that scene.

Again great job,

Long Shadow

At June 12, 2007 at 5:47 PM , Anonymous TehWave said...

Hey mate.

Really nice one, were alot diffirent than I first expected.

well, cant wait for next vol.
Just ask if you need anymore help or so. Im always avalible

At June 15, 2007 at 6:49 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

These movies keep reminding me of the old Exploration videos that Dopefish did before Noggaholic decided to fall apart.

It's like an acid trip but with more awesome.


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