Saturday, May 26, 2007

010 - Stop press!

I think I should get a pair of new eyes. I just found out a few days ago that a "new" version of WoW Map Viewer (v0.6.1) had been released (in january or somewhere else in the beginning of the year :D).

So I'll take back some of my spanking towards that great piece of software. Especially since that particular version solves issues it had on my PC. Now the textures (on flags, trees etc) show up fine and there was quite minimal lagging when I was checking the Black Temple out.

As usual one thing leads to another and I got a new little piece of machinma under work. I think I can get it completed this weekend and release it next week. Currently I'm about halfway done.

The machinima itself is a spoof/remix of Sin City. It re-enacts the first scene (also known as "The Customer Is Always Right") with WoW.

Using gnomes.

I chose this particular scene 'cause it is fairly simple to replicate. But not totally easy. The challenge is to keep the scenes interesting and not repeat themselves much (but then again, the original version is also quite repetitive camera angle wise).

Here's a concept art thingie I made with Photoshop:


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