Monday, June 25, 2007

025 - World Of Predatorcraft

This movie, "World Of Predatorcraft" has the honor to be the first movie made by other author which I embed on this blog.

Basically it's a WoW machinimation of the legendary scifi-action movie Predator (from the era where action movies kicked ass and were not that sissy pg-13 crap).

This movie is really well made imo, considering that it is completely done in-game on a live realm. I don't think that I would do a bigger movie (one involving many charachters) like this, but who knows.

Here's a direct link to the movie. The stream window is bigger at the other end plus you can download it too.

p.s. Oh, my mistake. Tarabulus is NOT a paladin. Tarabulus is a blonde-haired human male paladin. >:D


At June 25, 2007 at 10:43 PM , Blogger Spurr said...

Well, I just typed in "Predatorcraft" in google to see if Google video had got around to uploading it yet - and I find it's already been linked on someone's blog! I was pretty surprised.

Zend here by the way - I was the director, producer and cameraman on the project. I'm glad you liked it - it was really great fun to make, and me and the other guys involved had a real laugh making it. Took a lot of work but I'm glad I got it finished. Cheers for linking it.


At June 26, 2007 at 3:31 AM , Blogger Snobaste said...

That was some really really good stuff. Haven't watched Predator in forever though :/


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