Monday, July 2, 2007

032 - STALKER!

So as it is my first workday today, I thought I'd be really useful and stalk myself via internet. And here's what was found:

" ..Baron Soosdon's take on Connections Are More Dangerous Than Lies was heartwrenching.."
Baron Soosdon makes me cry." aww... have a cookie

And that's all, there were some other stuff as well but I'm not that fluent in French, Asian languages or something mid-european (looks like Polish, not sure.)

It was not supposed to go like this! This summer of Finland was supposed to be an oldschool one with cold weather, rainstorms and stuff. But instead it's +20 and sunny! Oh Noes :D

On the other news, I just started working on "The Barrens Biohazard" movie. It is quite sluggish to work without a second monitor to preview on. I'm gonna show the model change with less effects (the highly edited stuff about will be on UEv0) than normal. I should have the movie completed by the weekend.

update: added some links and other things to the blog right there -->


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