Wednesday, July 4, 2007

035 - LFM Unlimted Escapism vol. 0!

Soo.. once again ideas pop in my head!

If you think and know you can draw, ask yourself this "Would I be interested in making some custom art for UEv0?"

If you find yourself saying yes, do not hesitate to contact me :)

All drawing styles interest me from manga to more artistic. Hell, even if you can do 3d renders (animated or non animated) based on some ideas, let me know you exist.

The only reward I can offer you is that you get to be in the first season finale of the Unlimited Escapism series (UEv4 will come when there is something to show and film from the second expansion). Of course you will be properly credited in either beginning or ending credits.

In order to contact me, you can:
- leave a comment on this blog
- e-mail me at b a r o n s o o s d o n ( a ) g m a i l . c o m (eat that spambots!)
- /msg me at IRC on the Quakenet network (nickname BaronSoosdon)
- send a PM via

I also made a recruitment post about the subject to the forums.


These are the people / WoW machinima celebs currently going to appear in one or other way at UEv0:
- Snoman
- Olibith
- Chaosvex
- Time Gnomes


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