Tuesday, July 3, 2007

033 - The Barrens Biohazard [movie]

Stage6 HQ Stream
High Definition 720p downloadable at Filefront

I would have released this yesterday, but I sort of fucked up the first version. Currently the High Definition version is being compressed. Links will come asap :)

You can see more TBB at Snoman's Wandering Dreamscape or at Unlimited Escapism vol. 0 when it is done.

For a more in-depth making of about the modelchange, see post #023.

As for the 'making of' considering the video there's not that much to say. I wanted to keep it simplistic, without any crazier editing in order to show the model change in it's natural form. The heavily edited versions of TBB scenes will appear in UEv0.


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