Thursday, May 28, 2009

A new club has opened!

THE SHORTCHANGE is a new, gnome-only dance club which recently opened in Stormwind. It was opened just after the gnomish liberation - a group of gnomes took control and freed their entire race from Alliance slavery.

The opening night was a great success, the place was full of gnomes. Before the doors closed, a huge feast was served and everyone was happy.

This all translates to the fact that I've just completed a new machinima.



This one was partially inspired by a scene seen in Olibith's upcoming Never Stay Tuned 4. Once you sell your soul to a gnome - you're bound to it's will: Warrior's Dance will be released sometime after NST4.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Preview of the upcoming Website

Unfortunately, there are no dead murlocs. Yet.

This how it will look:

When I launch the site, this blog will change it's address a bit. Also, the plan is to make this blog a a REAL blog - with emoraging and correct opinions, all that stuff.

Thanks for setting this all up goes to Styng!

And I think I got a music video to finish..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Minute number four

Almost at the 4th minute in the music video, so here's two new pictures! Just like with the rest of them, they don't tell enough as this stuff is meant to be watched in motion.

And in other news, I'm finally getting a new website! Enormous thanks to Styng for doing all the coding work etc!

The page is based on a Joomla template, and I'll modify it's graphical elements a bit. Here's how it looks at the moment:

And, here are the two pictures used in a bit bigger format:

..the casting is going well! If you think you're up to it, please send in a sample of your voice for The Palest Horse!


I was prophesziziccecedsskdöfjlked that if I go and join Twitter, millions of viewers will sell their soul to me! If you wish to join the cult, swear your allegiance here!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Voice Actor Recruitment: The Palest Horse

Do you know what time it is?

It's the time for me to start working on a bigger plotline machinima.

THE PALEST HORSE takes place around a town called Big Tomb (represented by Gadgetzan). One day, a shadowy figure - an undead blood elf called Ashen comes to town looking for revenge. Her target is the city's mayor who was responsible for the death of her entire family. The biggest obstacle in getting to the Mayor is the huge, impenetrable air fortress he lives in.

But there is a way for her to get to him.. by winning the annual dueling tournament.

TPH is written by a professional screenwriter who goes by the alias Von Klausur. We've been working on the script for quite a while and now it's polished and finalized - ready to be voiced. The script is 46 pages long which should result in about a 30 to 50 minute movie. There is no set length for it, the movie will be as long or short as it needs to be.

My goal is to bring you a kick-ass action filled machinima. The style will be a mix-up of a traditional western and a modern action movie with small touches of fantasy stuff.

TPH will be filmed using both in-game filming and compositing with After Effects.

I will not post the entire cast list here as it is quite big and the Blogger formatting will break it.

If you think you're up and equipped to voice act - follow these links:

recruitment post @ my own forums
recruitment post @ Machinima 101
recruitment post @ Warcraftmovies
recruitment post @ Myndflame
recruitment post @ Voice Acting Alliance
recruitment post @ WeGame

ESL TV talks BS!

ESL TV talks BS:

Thanks to Eriyanna for recording this :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Even more new pics

I'm around the third minute now so it's time for a few new pics. I'm editing the movie slowly and steadily.

That gnome looks oddly familiar... Bah, there's no point in such a claim!

This one is definitely not a dance movie, but some action in a club is always welcome!