Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Voice Actor Recruitment: Unpuntable 2

Today, an idea was given birth. Something almost random, simple and retarded. A script written by me in an alarmingly low time.

This right here is going to be a silly pewpew-movie, a true B-class machinima. It will feature famous characters from the Warcraft universe, and most of all - a female gnome kicking ass.

I intend to edit it over one weekend after I've gotten all the voicese. Though all my 'real' projects will surpass this one in priority :)

Unpuntable 2 is a sequel. A sequel to a movie which has not been and possibly will not be ever made.

I am looking for skilled and experienced voice actors with good recording equipment and great english skills. Having an accent is not a problem.

The script will be provided in CeltX format.

Submit the samples by 6th of April 2009 in MP3 or WAV format.

Name them like this:

CharacterName_YourName_NumberofLine (ie. Thrall_TomCruise_01)

e-mail your voice files to baronsoosdon ( a) gmail d0t c0m

Onto the roles!

Apothecary Lydon
Sex: Male
Age: 30+
Race: Undead

A gloomy, undead apothecary. He's an ingame NPC at Tarren Mill. He has only a few lines, one quoted directly from a quest he gives. He wishes to create the perfect plague to get rid of humanity for once and all.

Voice type: undead-ish. A dark, gloomy character who is really pissed off about the sunshine and fresh air outside his hut.

Sample line: "The flowers are blooming in Hillsbrad and the air is so fresh and brisk. I can't help but to wallow in my misery of it all."

King Varian Wrynn
Sex: Male
Age: 30 - 40
Race: Human

This time, Wrynn is going to be a spoilt brat, like a five-year old kid giving tantrums. He almost gets to be a bad ass. Think of UncleTom's Kael'Thas but not that stupid. This version of Wrynn does not want to go to the church but aunty Prestor / Onyxia is gonna make him go anyways.

Sample lines:
"BUT I DON'T WANNAAAA! I wanna stay home and watch ninja turtles." *spoilt brat mode*

"And I let those little bastards walk freely in my city! Step aside, I'll handle this!" *angered bad ass mode*

Stormwind Guard
Age: 20-30
Sex: male
Race: human

An extra character, no special personality.

Sample lines:
"Sir! Sir! We are under attack!" *scared, he has just run for his life*
"No it isn't sir - the gnome is really killing everyone!"

Lady Prestor / Onyxia
Age: 25-35
Sex: female
Race: human

As this movie happens in an alternate universe, good ol' lady Prestor is the 'mommy' of King Wrynn. A very precise voice description for her would be Cartmans mother from south park. Only a couple of lines.

Sample line: "Wrynn-honey.. if you show up in the cathedral, these silly people continue to believe that the 'holy light' is actually real and continue to pay us taxes. Now, we need money to--" (her line gets interrupted by a Stormwind guard)

Age: 35-40
Sex: Male
Race: Orc

The warchief of the Horde. A charismatic leader who actually is not so charismatic. Actually he's a chicken, but a convincing chicken. See his ingame (WoW) voice for example. This Thrall is definitely not a "silly" character, everything that comes out of his mouth is presented in a serious tone.

Sample lines:

"We shall leave the city at once to Northrend. This scout shall take care of our duties till the city is safe."

"Oh no.. I left Fluffy and Dolly behind. We need to go back! WE NEED TO GO BACK, KATE! *cough* I meant Saurfang." (Lost reference, lolol)

Overlord Saurfang
Age: 40+
Sex: Male
Race: Orc

Overlord Saurfang is Thrall's second in command. His job is to /facepalm at the situations Thrall has lead him to.

Sample lines:
"Fine. Scout! Me and the warchief shall cowardishly flee the city to Borean Tundra. You are in charge of the city! Report to Grommash Hold tomorrow if Orgrimmar still stands."

"But warchief.. shouldn't we stay here and fight gloriously till the end?"

Orc Scout #1
age: 30+
race: orc
sex: male

An extra, he's bringing Thrall + Saurfang the news about the gnome on a killing spree.

Sample line: "My fellow scouts report that Stormwind and Tarren Mill have been attacked! Not just attacked.. but completely decimated."

Orc Scout #2
age: 30+
race: orc
Sex: male

Second orc scout, bringing new to T + S in Grommash hold.

Sample line: "As you know, a group of druid hippie scum has set up camp here, not too far from us."

Orc Male
age: 30+

In the end of the movie, there's a small flashback which tells why things are happening. This orc is a part of it. He's your typical war-mongering, axe-in-your-face kind of guy.

Sample lines:
"Silence, alliance weakling!" *angered*
"It's written in the law that everytime you see a gnome, you MUST punt it."

Human Male

age: 30+

A human fighting the orc above. Just for the reason that he does not liek orcs.

Sample Lines:
"Die, greenskinned mongrel!" *angered*
"Hey look.. that's a gnome!"

In addition to this I'm going to be making something a lot more serious, written by someone with skill. That project will require voice actor recruitment but for now it's a bit too early for that.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

R.I.P. Filefront

As some of you may have heard, Filefront is closing it's doors.

If you wish to download any of my movies, now is a really good time to do that.

See my filefront profile here and download everything you need :)

Most of the movies are still hosted at WCM mirrors (though downloading from those mirrors requires a premium membership), some of them are in sites like MegaUpload, so all is not lost.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You know the gnomes and so do I..

Got this idea from a comment in the Myndflame page.
I'm a lazy bastard and cba to do it for multiple resolutions.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Gnomes, dead murlocs, horde! That's the content in a very narrowed down version.

Once upon a time in the magical kingdom of YouTube, a mail entered my box. It had a link to a mp3 file and a request which went like: "please consider machinimaking this song!"

I listened to it, and my instant reply was "HELL YES I'LL MACHINIMATE THIS!"

The machinima would have been ready before the release of No Point, but then my laptop decided to die and I had to wait. All that for a few small scenes.

But here it is finally, hope you all enjoy the final product. Huge thanks to everyone who contributed their gnoems.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A bunch of dead gnomes.

The following gnomes have given their life in the name of art:

Well.. actually not all of them were gnomes originally, a couple of hordies from my guild went through a conversion (gnomversion?). One of mine (Astley) was killed as well.

As you can see, only a fraction of the 80+ gnomes were used. That means that I gotta make a video which is only about gnomes. I got a couple of ideas, but nothing solid yet.

This video is very ready, expect a release soon.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Interviewed again, auf Deutsch!

The German web-magazine Buffed.de interviewed me about all things machinima and Uwe Boll.

Page of the news item
The actual interview (it's spread over three pages)

Update! The interview is now available in english too: clickage!

And even more love for the Germans!

Varath wrote a review in German 'bout No Point: clix to read!.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

No Point Wallpapers

-> click me to download <-
The file contains desktop wallpapers based on both of the posters.

The resolutions included are 1280x1024, 1440x900, 1600x1200 and 1920x1080.

p.s. I finally got my laptop back from the repairs!
A new machinima is to be released when it's done :)