Sunday, August 31, 2008

240 - Have you seen us?

I heard a rumor from Olibith that there is a reference to me in WOTLK. I have not been able to confirm this, but he had heard that there is a npc referring to me in Valgarde.

The closest thing I found was a human male (ewww) named Baron von Ssaldsfsfjhskjfhfkjhfsdkj (don't remember the last name). He seems to be a quest giver but the quest is greyed out to me so no more leads on that.

But if he gives a quest which is told in rickrollform or involves murloc killing - that's our guy!

But for a fact I can confirm that there is references to Oxhorn and Olibith for sure in Lich King. Thus, those two are immortal now!

Olibith's troll in Dalaran with a new item on the menu

Mortuus from various Oxhorn machinimas, as a questgiver outside Warsong Hold

In case you spot a murderous gnome female, an orc warlock in t5 planning murloc genocide (plus rickrolls) or a screamo belf who likes to kick males there where it hurts the most - lemme know!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

239 - And now, something VERY different

Okies dokies, this is a machinima made by me which is not a Baron Soosdon machinima. This is something that I did for my employer ( - they provided me the materials (sound) and I machinimated.

The machinimating itself was a challenge, since the source file was a video recorded with a dv or webcam. Challenges are there to be overcome and I gotta say that the end result surprised even myself!

No more blahblah, here is some thought-provoking and intellectual machinima for you all!

There might be some language which is not suitable for kids.

In conclusion, this was a very different machinima to make - I'm repeating myself again, but it really, o-rly REALLY surprised me how well it turned out to be. Big thanks goes to the guys, I got good feedback from them during the creation process.

Monday, August 25, 2008

238 - Video preview of No Point

It's time to do something I haven't done before - I present you a little preview of "No Point". This clip dates back to march of this year and it has gone lots of retuning and tweaking in the current version.

The model change used in the clip is "Emerald Duskwood" by Asgard.

Creating No Point is slooow, I made about 15 seconds of new material yesterday. There better be no mistakes at all when the start rendering day comes.

And just as a reminder, yes - this movie will have something that looks like a plot. It's up to the viewer to make his or her mind about it. Basically it is about a fishing trip gone wrong.

(Don't tell anyone but actually it's just a cover up to hide all the scenery panning + people walking shots :P)

Click here for a bigger stream window.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

237 -And then there is fire

You know the gnomes and so do I..., or more pics from No Point!

It budged ahead just a few new scenes, but going slowly and surely for the win. When the editing is complete, I will release a trailer for the movie.

The trailer can do damage while the whole thing renders!

Current estimation for the length of No Point is about 17 minutes (not counting end credits), I think it'll take 30-48 hours or more to render - totally mgrRlRwrGrGlrglicious !

Also, there is a new machinima coming out soon which is machinimated by me. It is NOT a "Baron Soosdon machinima". The project was something I did for my employer,

I was provided some source material on which I machinimated the actual movie on.

When I first got the material, I had some really serious doubts on how it would work as a machinima but in the end.. I surprised myself! More about that when it's out (release date is not up to me).

Nope, no hints nor preview pics - you'll see it when it is out :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

236 - Experiments in Zero Gravity Racing

Time to test something:

That is WoW + Wipeout 3 mixed. The problem is to make rotations on WoW model viewer and then add them to a rotating footage.

I did this by just rotating the rocket mount on WoW model viewer at 0.1 speed and then adding necessary speed adjustments to it with Vegas' velocity envelope tool. Not perfect, but quite good.

Don't know yet if I'll make this into something "more" or will it just stay as testing. Though I have always wanted to do a Wipeout tribute!

If nothing else, I'll just put them to the last Unlimited Escapism ever.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

235 - Toilet Gnomes wants you!

Do you play on the EU Wotlk beta server (Coldarra)?

..on the alliance side?

And want to be SUPER IMBA COOL?


..or, actually just come to sign the charter! I need 7 more names to get the thing going! You don't need to stay in the guild once it's formed. Joining improves your chance to get in my camera.

Contact Soosdon or Astley ingame. I'm available at irregularly regular times!

If you are a hordie like me, this is your #1 chance to try out a gnome or stay home! (That is, if you get a beta invite)

And on other news..

A new Russian law could make being an emo kid illegal in the eastern European country.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

234 - Back to No Point

Yea, really - I'm editing No Point again! These pictures are old, all footage on these was filmed around february and march of this year.

I'm making the movie a bit more paced, two model changes I intended to be in the film are not gonna be there. That was a purely artistical decision (as this movie has something that resembles a plot).

Both of the left out MC's are great and will more than likely appear some other movie.

Enjoy the pics, I'll update the post when I get some new shots from the scenes filmed today.

AND! Those who are about to join my contest, it now has a deadline - submit your epixx piece of art by 6th of September 2008.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

233 - The Five Year Plan

Yes, I got bored - that translates into Photoshopping:

More people are accepting Gnommunism as their new view of life and religion!

For example, see this fine picture of Grigolibith Rasputin by Funken:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

232 - Busted

A cool feature there - take your mouse to the topright corner and the eyes of the gnome follow you..
(Blame Pinkhair for that!)

Update! Some lovin' from the French!
Filefront download (XViD 720p - 320 mb)
Megaupload download (XVid 720p - 320 mb)
GameTV HD Streaming (the site is in French)

(from Overclocked remix - the links take you to song downloads)

"Motor Crazycycle" by Tefnek
"Son of Chaos" by Xaleph
"Confronting The Mystic" by Sephfire
"Sleep, My Sephy" by Pot Hocket
"Snow Field" by Tefnek
"Mark of the Beatsmith" by Hy Bound

(some of these were on the end credits, some not - enjoy anyways!)

Dead Crusaders and A Wedding
..and she gave birth to a healthy, pinkhaired baby boy!
This is what mommy and daddy do when the kid sleeps (inspired by Olibith)
SOF Brigade
Fail Land Roller Coaster
Frozen Olibith (wallpaper)
The Best Kept Secret Of The Horde
Running on the beach

Dang, I don't have much to say excep thanks to all the voters and everyone involved once more! Everyone in the actual moviemaking (Pink, Selserene, Caruu, Drewbie, Olibith) and the supportive peoplez at #machinima.

Pinkhair made us promise that we'd make a making of-thingie about the movie if we win. In video format! For release dates, poke Pinkhair for extra information.

This is the first actual machinima that features the use of Malu05's WoW machinima tool. I also used multiboxing on some of the scenes, very likely for the first time in a machinima.

I also made an other promise, to the voters at Twilight's Hammer - my home realm. Some time in this year, I will film an epixx-scale dance/fun event movie there. Everyone is invited!

Yes, that means YOU!

I've gotten some requests from people who say that "zomg i wanna be in your movie" - this will be your chance.

US WoW players can join too - though the thing is that you need to make an EU trial account (do NOT do it yet - I have no dates nor hard drive space available as of now).


And yes, I am really expecting submissions to my own contest ;D

Friday, August 1, 2008

231 - uuiU

I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling: THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED!

The voice actor contest is still on!

If I were you, I'd vote for Caruu or Drewbie ;)

Also, I put up a contest of my own! I'm expecting REALLY IMBA entries!