Friday, October 30, 2009

XT002 Title Slide

"New title slide?! FOR ME?! I promise I won't break it this time!"

After surfing some stuff for great inspiration and justice, I visualized the title slide thingie for XT-002 in my mind.

I'm not going to animate it yet, since I don't know where I'll place it in the actual machinima.

Also, I have discovered that dubstep kicks ass:
(and also that gnomish low-frequency dubstep bass cannon must be created in order to destroy civilizations and cities)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Don't look so smug...

...I know what you're thinking!

Mixing WoW and Unreal Tournament totally was not merely a setback. Did you honestly think that I'd do a machinima without mixing up games?

Oh no no no NO NO NO NO NO, that was merely an instrument, a well-timed rickroll to a much larger plan! And this time, you will know the rules and so do I!

Still no model viewer, but who needs motion when you have still images!

I took a couple of the official Aion wallpapers, shamelessly did some pen tool cutting in Photoshop and voila.

Then I took the Photoshoppages for a little After Effects trip, added some this'n'that there and here they are.

This is how the project looks in Vegas:

Those orange things are markers for segments in the song - for example vocals, beats, certain types of sounds etc stuff I want to sync stuff with.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Machinimaking: Aion vs WoW

I wrote a little article to the Myndflame site about pros and cons of Aion machinimaking compared to WoW.

" ... I have been machinimaking with the game and studying what it can and can not do in terms of film making."

Click here to read!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My First Aion Machinima: Preview

I've been filming the project "Aion Escapism" for a while.

I do want the movie to have footage from many different areas, so there is still a quite lot of leveling to do before I have enough varying footage.

Now that I've found the correct song for the machinima (there were two other candidates), it's a lot easier to point and shoot.

The downside is that I don't have that many female toons for the lyrics so I gotta film some of the parts in low level areas.

This picture is intentionally cropped, but let's just say that the best TV show of all time.. OF ALL TIME airs on Atreia as well!

The final movie will not be called Aion Escapism, that's just something I'm using as a working title.

Filming in Aion is not as flexible as in WoW, the camera system is a bit stiff. But, as I do have lots of WoW filming experience it has helped me a lot doing this Aion video.

Last but not least, once I'm done with the video and released it - my plan is to create a video tutorial on how to create basic Aion machinima ingame.

(for some reason the Blogger software wants to resize my pictures, but the machinima will be released in 1080p Full HD resolution)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review: Sex, Gnomes And Videotape

This is the first ever review of my machinimas written in character, by the rising star of the machinima reviewing scene, Whowho.

"So I was enjoying my vacation, I was sitting on Darkshore’s beach one night watching the waves washing in and away, and the tranquil lights of Treldrasil twinkling in the distance. When BARONSOODON drove a BOAT onto my foot! I’m a night elf! My feet are already big enough to plant and farm parsnips on! I don’t need a boat to make them ANY BIGGER!"

Go here to read it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Interview with

The interview I did with a while ago is now available! There's an audio version available for all the Finglish lovers.

Those who want to protect their ears are covered too as the whole thing is available on the traditional written format. It was a very fun interview to give and make.

Click here to listen / read!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baad toys, toys, toys, toys.. VEERYY BAAAD!

The beautiful ballad performed by XT-002 has one more new scene!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I'm Gonna Aion - Part 2: The Sequel

The story so far!
- Leveled a Warrior (Gladiator) to level 11, leveling the lower levels were quite painful.
- Tried both Asmodean and Elyos. Disappointed with the Asmodean area design (if the faction doesn't sell itself to me in the start, then no thanks) so I'm going (staying) Elyos.
- Now leveling an Elyos mage, I'm 99.95% sure that he'll be my main.

WoW vs Aion, Aion vs WoW
WoW. I gotta mention WoW.

I logged on today to get my penguin pet. Then I logged out, I did not want to do anything else. The only thing I'll be doing this week is my weekly farm for the TF binding dropping from Garr.

Aion feels like a nice change. Not so fresh in terms of ideas, but it gives me the similar feeling I had on vanilla WoW.

Long leveling time to reach max level, lots of new things to see - and so far I like it!

WoW stopped giving me new things to experience and find out as soon as I dinged lv80. Getting and epic nowadays is like 'lol i got an epic' compared to what it was in Vanilla, 'zomgwtf.. not one, but TWO pieces of T1!'

I do not hate WoW, it just does not offer me anything at the moment except for potential rickrolling victims.

Character customization in Aion has a LOT more sliders compared to WoW. You can make really freaky characters with all body parts out of proportion, big muscle guys/girls and smaller than WoW-gnome sized minipeople.

If you wanna say hi, you can reach me on Zerogravity (Mage, will be sorcerer) or Skanna (Gladiator) on Kahrun-EU / Elyos. I'm not in a guild but exceptional offers will be taken into consideration!

I'll be recording this and that from my adventures in Aion. the end result should be 'Unlimited Escapism goes Aion'. I can tell so much that the video will be my first to be released in 1080p FullHD resolution.

As I move along in this new world, I'll be exploring all the possibilities of making machinima that even remotely makes sense. Currently it is like the very early days of WoW - if you wanna machinima, you need real people to help you and do the bodyacting.

There is currently no model viewer program at all. PROGRAMMERS AHOY! Anyone with skillz, can you check out if it would be possible?


Is there any in-game way to take screenshots? (Currently I'm using Fraps to do that)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm gonna Aion!

So I did it, I bought Aion. It's installing now when I'm writing this. I've heard very mixed opinions about the game, so the best way to decide what's going on is to play it myself.

The Story (tm) so far with MMO's and me:
- Tabula Rasa - did not draw me in enough, sci-fi setting was a plus
- LOTR:O - I started the game five times. Was not enough different from WoW.
- WAR - I bought this completely based on the 'WoW Killer' hype. Same fate as with LOTRO - started it a couple of times, it was not the droid I was looking for
- WoW - I'm just not feeling WoW anymore. I do enjoy playing with The Beastros , but the game itself.. getting bored / losing interest is quite natural after 4.5'ish years. I'm also swimming against the mainstream by saying this, but I think WOTLK was the best expansion so far but not necessarily the best expansion of all time.. OF ALL TIME

With Aion, I will be trying every class available. Something that does pewpew will be my weapon of choice I believe :)

And last but not least - Aion machinima:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sex, Gnomes And Videotape: So, I Went To France


Once upon a time, I was invited to a gnome event by Olibith himself. The event, "6eme Rassemblement Gnome" took place 2nd of October 2009 in the French Kirin'Tor RP realm.

I had already decided to make this documentary before the event. Most of the ideas in the video came afterwards, while editing.

As I don't RP at all and my interest in playing WoW is going down again, this event was a pleasant change. When I talked with Olibith in the WWI '08-trip, I understood from him that the people on French realms really put effort into RP'ing.

From the little that I know about the multilanguage EU RP'ing realms, they're quite much overcrowded with the non-rp people.

Also, I wanna give an advice to every machinimaker out there! Don't hesitate to make your machinima in your own language. If you aim for the international viewer base, just make sure that you subtitle it well.

I will definitely be making more "documentaries" in the future, but not that frequently. This can also be translated to: "someone, please pay my trip to the next Blizzcon mmkay?" :)

Oh yes, back to SGAV!

Why should you watch it?

Well, it has Whowho, Drewbie, Legs and a REAL Olibith in it! It also has a preview of the XT-002 music video.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Sooner than later!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Le Preview!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Not enough gnomes!

This was quite the fun event, even though I did not understand one bit of what was said :)

Olibith is indeed a celeb in the realm, a huge crowd gathered on him when he appeared.

The machinima/documentary will be out when it's done.

Narrated in Finnish, presented in Gnomish. NSFW.

Friday, October 2, 2009

You know the bindings and so do I..

Baron G decided that it's finally time to set my vanityloladin one step further in his quest to get [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Rickroller]

I hope Garr understands what's best for him next week. Getting the bindings might actually be the easy part, the Elementium required might be even more trickier.

Well anyways! If / when I get my TF, all of you are invited to the ceremony. I've always wanted to organize a bigger fan-event on my realm and that would be the bestest occasion for that.

(...assuming that I get the quest completed before something Cataclysmic happens)


If you wish to be in the 'documentary' I'll be making about the gnome event - seek out this guy in the picture.

He's called Bsoosdon.

The festivities should start at 20:30 GMT+1 if I understand correctly and the frenchie gnomes do not vibrate too much and run out of batteries.