Wednesday, October 31, 2007

109 - The Fifth Horseman

'nuff said:

And now.. get scared!

Stage6 HD720p stream
HD720p file @ Megaupload

To UncleTom for being 1st and to Taly being 3rd!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

108 - Happy Halloween

Guess what.

I feel now a lot better than when I felt after finalizing UEv0:SYS. I just finalized editing my WCM Halloween Contest movie, "The Fifth Horseman". I did it in extra quick time - thus it is unfortunately not as technically polished as my other movies (ie. no Antialiasing on). I certainly do not expect to win or anything at the contest, but this thing was nice to make.

Something horrifying, haunting, disturbing and violent is coming your way..

Since the contest is on - I won't tell anything yet. As soon as it is over and the movies are public, expect a making of. Till then.. nice dreams!

update! Oh hell.. there were some really bad errors (missing colourization in some scenes) in the render, so I need to do it again. Gladly it is this early, so it will make in time.

But no worries, I uploaded a little 10 second sample clip for you all to see - enjoy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

107 - Nub-Blog Special #3: Petite Nikita

And here she shoots again! Nothing new here, the scene from UEv0:SYS got itself a different background music and some sound effects (thanks to Snoman for sending me the CS:S gun sounds).

This is also a little test for Nikita's own movie - I am currently scrapping (not completely - just postponing it) my original idea for the Fabled Few contest and I'll try to make a gun-swinging little action movie for her.

Links for better quality versions are on their way.

Stage6 Stream

106 - Sick Platinumz!


Friday, October 26, 2007

105 - LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! (In Gnomeregan)

Soo.. I was bored today, and..

Downloadable version available too!

And ofc you can check the original non-gnomish version right here. MORE MORE MORE!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

104 - The making of UEv0: SYS

It is finally out and it sure does feel great.

The work on UEv0 started right after I had finished volume three, back in june 2007. This machinima took about three months to make (it did not progress at all during july).

At the beginning it was clear to me that v0 would focus more on edited scenes than wandering around. It would also be a lot darker thematically - more murlocs needed to die!

Also, UEv0 is not a sequel nor a prequel - it is a new series. Someday in the (far) future we will see a second movie, called UEv0: -somethingsgonnabewrittenhere-.

Blam blam!

One of the things I wanted to use for UEv0 to differ from the rest of the movies was music. I said to myself "NO TRANCE!". Well, that promise held to the final version :)

Originally I intended to do the movie to a drum'n'bass track (called "Let There Be Light") from a group called The Qemists, but I scrapped it when I heard that UK hardcore track from S3RL. For the intro I copied myself (not some neverheard emo pvp movie like someone in WCM said :D) from an older movie of mine, using the "Shock Your Senses" song by The Rush vs Thalamus.

In the intro a small voice clip from the cancelled TV series Carnivale can be heard. That is an idea which I had at the beginning stages of the movie: burn Theramore and.. muahaha - no spoilers!

And then there are the guest stars! So who did what?

Sunken Stormwind by Snoman

Snoman, Dopefish and Faizer let me use their model changes. Snoman made burning Theramore and Sunken Stormwind which are both really impressive.

I also used some of his "older" works from both Wandering Dreamscape movies. Snoman also converted the guns from Counter-Strike: Source to WoW.

From Dopefish there is the "death knight dude" (see picture above) and of course the model change "My Burning Valentine".

Faizer made a cool version of Elwynn forest: the Felwynn forest. If you visit that place, be sure to see the great necropolis Naxxramas floating above Goldshire.

Time Gnomes!
I asked Rob for permission to use them (back in june when they were not dead). He said yes! And now some of their lost adventures can be seen.

The original, uncolourized version - edited by the gnome himself.

Olibith edited a scene of his own. This love story between a blood elf, Olibith the gnome and a meat cleaver is very touching. Sniff.

Chaosvex gave the initial spark for me to try different kind of game merging - he mixed Halo and World Of Warcraft by using a greenscreen map for the PC version of Halo.

Later on, I wanted to do that same with UT2004 and WoW. Gladly I found such a map. The map is originally made by a person called CAweissen.

"Ow crap.. I should have specced shadow!"

While not a guest star, Seksi inspired me a lot with his upcoming movie, Fury. The scene above got a lot of inspiration from that.

Khandy is a huge fan of Arthas. As I wanted to have some hand-drawn graphics, I knew what I was going to ask her to draw :)

This picture will be someday on my wall.

Last but not totally least.. Pinkhair! I saw his works earlier this year at the WoW model viewer forums. They made me drool. I never thought that I'd get to use his stuff on my movie, but indeed it seemed to happen :D

It doesn't matter if you are good or bad.. She's the gnome with the gun!

And then our star, the gnome who steals the show.. They called her "Petite Nikita" in the french WoW Europe page and I like that name! Before that, she did not have a name. Though her looks and all are based on my alt gnome (Gnorgasm / LV60 / Spinebreaker-EU, loves gold donations).

As I am and always will be true to HORDE (since alliance can't rock), the reason why I rolled the gnome was to see the other side of things. And I've always wanted an epix mechanostrider!

Someday in the future I might do an action movie for ms. Nikita. I can reveal that much from her charachter that she does not talk - words just waste time from good kills. She is bad ass and she is cold.

If someone looked closely at the screen when watching UEv0:SYS, the influences from other great machinimas (such as Edge Of Remorse and How To Paladin) might be noticed!

The next thing I am going to work are my movies for the WCM contests. One for the Halloween contest and one for the Fabled Few contest. Though the thing is that I will not enter the movies into the contest unless I am 100% satisfied with them.

But now.. I need a small break from machinimaking :)

Update - Answers to questions!

"What are the specs of the system(s) you use, from start to finish, to make your videos?"

I have an AMD 3500+ singlecore processor (needs to be upgraded), 1 Gigs of Ram (moar plix), Nvida GTX8800 graphic card. Lots of HD Space.

"What programs do you use?"
Editing & Compositing - Sony Vegas 6 + a little bit of After Effects
Recording - Fraps
Additional graphic stuff - Photoshop CS2

Charachters - either recorded against a blue/green screen on WoW model viewer or on a private server

Backgrounds - from many games. WoW charachters are "inserted" to the scenes with chromakeying. For background recording, the game(s) should have a hideable HUD and a freelook mode (like in Unreal Tournament 2004). UEv0:SYS was the first movie by me where weapons and vehicles from other games were inserted into WoW.

Unlimited Escapism vol. 0: Shock Your Senses

More streams and Downloads of the movie @ Warcraftmovies


If there are any unanswered questions about the movie or the making of it - spank the comments! I'll edit the post accordingly.



Wednesday, October 24, 2007

103 - French Vibrations

Tres bien kickelström lederhosen arrivederci bukkake tentacle schoolgirl! UEv0 trailer is getting some love at the French WoW site. With my imbalanced translation skills I found out that the French (women) want to crown me as the emperor of the universe.

Sorry ladies - you're a bit too late! That title was given to me at birth. But you are welcome to my harem! And besides, I need even more good ideas for the domination and enslaving of the universe.

And don't worry Pinkhair - I'll send some of the ladies to your way as well!

67% done now, 9h 6min to go.


Pinkhair managed to get a translation of the french text and here goes:

"Benefiting from an always-startling photography, one also notes the presence of a frenchman in the casting, Olibith. True to his reputation, he is here chased by charming damsels. Certainly, the Baron merits his noble titles and continues to opt for his unexpected but continually impressive mixtures: the "Little Nikita" overwhelms the whole of Gnomeregan."

That is a pretty impressive reference (Nikita as in the movie 'La Femme Nikita', a movie about a female assassin..) and they did hit the spot at the ;).

So indeed, the gnome will be called Nikita! But more about her origins when I write a wall of text called "The Making Of UEv0:SYS".

84% - 4h 35min left

..though I'm gonna get some sleep now. Let's hope that everythings OK when I wake up :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

102 - 3D'ized Poster!

Pinkhair kicks ass.

If you wish to see the gnome in motion, see this post at his blog.

And to answer Olibith - yea, there will be a version of this picture with less sponsor text when the Time Of Wallpapers descends upon us all.

And here she is now, colourized and all! also translates to: reboot & render.

Let's hope that everything goes allright :)

update 2

Rendering started!

ETA: 24+ hrs

Sunday, October 21, 2007

101 - Intro #1

YouTube -the quality is VERY horrible-

As I'm waiting for Pinkhair to finish the gnome render, I did a little intro for Nublock Movies. The most shocking revelation is that I made the music for it too - with a nub program called "MTV Music Maker" for XBOX (yes, XBOX).

In the end of it you can again me copypasting Video Copilot tutorials in AE :D

Someone please plug me into the matrix and load all the AE knowledge into my head, kthxbai?


New versions. The old ones are still viewable (at least for now) - just for comparison. This version has more sound on the beginning and the title slate is slower. The Stage6 version is now in HD.

100 - A Delay.

The reason:

She will be animated. She will be 3d.
And if you look closely, there is something weird in the picture.. but such small issues do not matter!

The gnome is rendered by Pinkhair - it is so damn great to have him onboard in UEv0:SYS! /me is utterly and superbly honored!

I saw his renders of WoW charachters some months ago and they made me go liek "GEIF PLIX".

I know that some of you might hate waiting, so I give you a BIG spoiler. The ending of UEv0:SYS - right this way please ;)

Friday, October 19, 2007

099 - UEv0: Trailer 2

No need for words, the trailer itself can do the talking:

Stage6 stream
Filefront Download

It will be out next week. That is, if things go without problems :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

098 - I couldn't resist myself..

As UEv0:SYS will have smaller or bigger references to other machinimas, it would be a huge shame to leave my #1 favourite out of the bunch. So here we go..

Update! There are even more things which are harder to resist.. especially now that I learned how to convert from .mkv to .avi :D
(you need a program called AviDemux)

097 - Six Seconds

Well guess what, it is almost complete..!

At the time of writing, it has only six seconds of empty space. It will be quite safe to say that it will be out next week.

Welcome to Felwynn forest!

It ain't no Rapture, but..

Yep, it really is THAT dark!


..and now they have colors too!

Now, my next step is to try and miserably fail in making a logo for Nublock Movies with 3D Studio Max.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Oh lol.. just at the last god damn minute, I did it!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

095 - Second Poster

While filming some gun-shooting animations in WoW model viewer, an inspiration struck me. I had an urgent need to make a second poster for UEv0:SYS.

Update! Thanks for the idea people, here is an alternate version of the picture, with less text:

094 - ..and EU too!

After spending a night at the bar having an interesting conversation with the toilet in murlocish, this sure is a nice sight the day after :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

093 - Sensation: Black Temple

I'm going AFK for saturday, some partyparty action with friends - a.k.a. no machinimating! I know it is weird and against the laws of nature, but hey - at least I might get inspiration (and a hangover)!

But let's start the weekend with screenies - this time mostly in-game shots. This is still secret information, but the world's leading dance event, Sensation has come to Azeroth. Or Outlands actually - even more specifically to Black Temple.

I have heard rumours that we might see a Sensation Gnomeregan someday in the far future...

Sensation: Black Temple - Hard music and kinky clothing (or lack of clothes)!

The amount of spawned npc's is known to grow your e-peen. It can be made even bigger with adding GameObjects! (Though this is just a rumour I heard)

While not doing guest vocals for L70ETC, ms Everfrost likes to explore forbidden areas.

The coolest mount ever: Spectral Tiger v2.1.3 (the 2.2.x one looks BORING)

And last but not least, something that Olibith already did!

A proress shot of UEv0:SYS. The empty spaces may seem like a little but actually they are a lot.. there are some quite difficult scenes to do, other one involving Time Gnomes and other one involving bullets going to night elves.

But wait!

That's not the only thing Olibith did. His latest movie, "Ballad Of The Sex Junkie" is out. Now do the trick and click this link for perv, perv, perv...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

092 - BzzrrRrbrRRbrrr.. WhirRrrrRr.. DING 58!


Finally DING 58! - beware Outlands, here comes the vibration.

Though I cheated, I dinged 58 at Outlands. Alliance questing at the latter levels seems to suck a bit more compared to horde :(

Olibith pointed out that I should mention a smaller issue too. It looks like "I'm So Sick" has been the top downloaded / viewed video on Stage6 for a while!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

091 - Blam blam!

Buzzbuzz.. whirrr, like a gnome would express the situation!

27 more seconds of action completed to the new section of UEv0:SYS. An enormously huge thanks goes to Snoman who armed my WoW model viewer with all kinds of nice guns to shoot people, murlocs and vehicles with.

Believe me when I say: this looks a lot better in motion.

Shameless exploitation of the fake DoF effect.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

090 - Machinima contest

Well, that kicks ass. And I am going to participate :) Possibly with two movies, but one is at certain (a music video).

I have had the idea for the music video since this summer.

I've been holding it in my head for a while, waiting for a machinima contest appear. Making of it is gonna kick ass, since the author of the song allowed me to use it. One could say that this is once again a dream come true :)

This contest takes now top priority in all my machinimas. Even if it means delaying UEv0 even more, but no worries - I intend to make something unique, special and beautiful as my entry.

And here comes something perverse: the music video will most likely have an happy ending. Can't believe I said that out loud :D

Monday, October 8, 2007

089 - Long time no see

It's been a while since I posted some UEv0:SYS pics so let's get right on to business!

Having a green/whatevercoloryouwant-screen map for UT2004 kicks ass.

A small gnome riding a big cock.

This scene has taken heavier than heavy influenes from Seksi's upcoming action machinima, Fury.

And as a small sidenote, UEv0:SYS will be delayed even more. The result of this will be a longer (about 2min 30sec) longer movie and what's best - the "art people" have a bit more time to finish their work :)

The extra length comes from the musical piece which I originally left out but now it is back in since it found some correct pictures to suit itself.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

088 - Even more vibration!

Elves can vibrate too, but they need gnomes for the job. In other words, Khandy made an other GnoViBrator commercial:

Friday, October 5, 2007

087 - Lololol.... Zomg!

'nuff said:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

086 - I'm So Sick wallpapers + Naming

Once again I was suggested to make some wallpapers, so here you go!

Also, our blood elf singstress got named..

Animia Everfrost

The first name came from a suggestion at WCM - thanks to you whoever you were! The surname is a tribute / homage / salute / show of respect to the Finnish band Sentenced which disbanded in 2005.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

085 - An Answer

Today I quickly machinimated an answer (no, it's not 42) to one of the most burning questions in the entire universe.

Because of that, I might have angered the entire gnomish community and I must run and hide to some place where I can not be found.

Should you want to endanger your life, you can also download the file. I have warned you.