Saturday, April 25, 2009

New pics... FOR ME?! I promise I won't click them this time!

I'm currently 2 seconds away of having 2 minutes of completed machinima, so it's time for another set of screenshots.


It is not XT-002, but a different model - it's his / hers cousin, XT-7-15517. And no, it does not bend that way.

During this second minute I made a very good looking motion track of WoW to UT3 footage. I will definitely be doing that more in this machinima as it progresses.

Friday, April 24, 2009

XT-002, sing me a song!

XT-002, the boss with THE most epic voice in the game.

Ye. Seriously!

Now, if any musicians are reading this: please rip out his (hers?) lines from the WoW MPQ's (there are guides about this on all over the internets) and make me a song. Something catchy!

Any genre will do - electronic, rap, etc. The song should be quite short, around 1min - 2min30sec+.

I got a quite lot of stuff in the works at the moment so this one will have to go to the end of the line.

That is, if I get any submissions at all ;D

Monday, April 20, 2009

Taking the big step!

I've finally done it and moved on.

The time has come for me to start using After Effects for doing all the compositing work in my future movies.

I don't know why I did not use it before, but now the time felt correct. Maybe, because there is something big being on the horizon :)

AE is absolutely amazing compared to Vegas in terms of tools and all that jazz. AE loves to crash a lot, but it also just does some things so amazingly better than Vegas. No need to turn back at all!

Click here for a bit bigger version.
(This is an actual scene from the machinima)

I started to work on a music video. It's gonna be very surrealistic and all, so I can go crazy with all the effect hoodoo within AE.

The tutorials at Video Copilot are very useful, but I really do not want to copy the things shown on the tutorials 1:1. In my case that might not be entirely possible as there is a LOT to learn.

This current work-in-progress movie is good "target practice" for Unpuntable 2 and something still unannounced.

I've completed the first minute of this video and it is nothing but composited scenes of WoW / Unreal Tournament 2004 + 3 footage. It has taken long :)

The next set of screenshots will be made available to you when the next minute is done.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oldschool + HD @ YouTube

Let's start with some OLD vanilla videos which I've reuploaded to the internets.

The editing in these is sub-par, cover your eyes.

MRG Molten Core: Part 1
This is the first ever WoW-related video I ever made.
Features an epic framerate resulting
from a Radeon 9200 gfx card. Let's not forget the absolutely cheesy and shitty use of effects.

IMBA: The Beastro Movie
Even more oldschool action! Vanilla instances in vanilla times. By this movie I had realized that the message of seething murloc hate should be spread around the world.

And the effects got even more cheesier and shittier.

But hey.. at least there is no Linkin Park.

The Beastro & Beyond Oblivion vs Prophet Skeram
This is as far as we got in Vanilla. Unlike the two abominations above, this video has a bit more taste.

Even more old videos!
These are available to download in WCM, but I re-uploaded them to YouTube as the new HD quality streaming there is really good.

I'm So Sick
Sunday Break
Limited Escapism: To Cure A Hangover
The Device Has Been Modified
Final Warcraft VI

Some people (myself included) have had laggish playback on the HD streams of YouTube.
Don't know about Internet Exploder, but with Firefox a browser restart should fix the issue.

I've received lots of auditions for Unpuntable 2. I've been busy working on something else which has priority above everything else. Now that it's done, I'll go through all the auditions and assign the roles.

Thanks for the submissions!