Monday, December 31, 2007

151 - Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

150 - Plotline Movie Announcement

Yes people, a plotline movie!

This project is currently without a name. It is also in absolute beginning stages. At this moment I have a draft of the opening scene written. The "big picture" of the movie is somewhat clear in my head, but lots of fine tuning needs to be made in order to get the story and scenes flowing. The "2008" in the poster is made with an optimistic release schedule in mind.

Currently only one character has a name and you can see her above. Nikita will make some little cameos in a few selected machinimas before this thing gets released.

The style of the movie will be an action thriller with elements of scifi and horror. In other words, the lore will be kicked in the teeth and then shot in the stomach. I have always wanted to make a cool & asskicking scifi/action movie featuring a really nasty bad guy (though a girl this time).

Some of you might think about the words "release date". I can't even give you an estimate, but I will start searching for voice actors when the script is finished. And that will take quite some time, since in addition to the writing I need to figure out how to do this or how to do that technically. After the voice actors have been auditioned and selected, I will start filming then.

My goal for this machinima is to create a stylish, futuristic action thriller where technology and magic walk hand in hand. I have no plans for making a series out of this, but I will leave a possibility for a sequel open at the end of the movie.

I am using a program called CeltX to write the script. I really recommend it to all of my fellow machinimakers, newbies and beginners. It makes writing the story and designing characters easier compared to writing with M$ Word for example.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

149 - Xmas Calendar #24


Tadah! First of all, merry christmas to everyone!

Second of all, murlocs and boobs.

Third of all, this is all from me concerning the year 2007! That might be a lie, but most likely it is the truth.

Yes indeed, I am a lying son of a bitch and released UEv4 without _any_ footage from WOTLK. Instead there are TWO brand new model changes by Snoman: WinTerokkarspring and Arathi Snowlands. Eyecandy to the maximum!

Olibith can also be seen vibrating too in a pool full of berries and boobs.. in the middle of winter. Last but not least, there is fishing too! A total shame that I forgot it from UEv0.

If you are still reading this and did not press the play button above - let me warn you: UEv4 is not an effectfest like UEv0 was. This was all intentional, I wanted this movie to be solid and simple - very much like the first one in the series.

UEv4 is also the first movie which I release in the h264 format. It will be my choice of format for 2008 in every non-contest movie. Though if there is still demand for the XViD versions, I'll put em up too.

2008 will also be the end of the UE series. Two or three more UE's and that's it! More future plans and an announcement about a plot machinima - coming soon at this blog.

If you have problems watching the h264 version, download the latest version of the VLC player.

The release of this flick will happen few days after teh christmas. People need a reason to drink on the new years eve :P ("Curse that Soosdon.. curse him to hell! He made me waste another five minutes of my life, without any crits or Linkin Park!")

UEv4 'round the interwebs:
MMO Champion
WoW Insider


If someone wonders what is the correct order to watch the movies of season one, ya know to keep the plotline straight and all that jazz: 1, 2, 3, 4.

0:SYS is a spin-off machinima so you can put it anywhere you want :)

148 - Xmas Calendar Special


I'll give a small hint in form of four machinimas what to expect tomorrow.

147 - Xmas Calendar #23


A christmas is not a christmas without an EMO video. Because of this blogpost, the sales figures of razors will rocket sky high! I would like a share of that.

Christmas indeed comes tomorrow, so here is a little preview of it:

Saturday, December 22, 2007

146 - Xmas Calendar #22


One more oldskool classic for this year! One of the coolest things I was part of in the pre-TBC times was to smack that Onyxia up with 18-man BananaPower(tm). In your face, dragonbitch!

One more movie before my finale of 2007!

On the second last post (known also as the post after this or the next post) of this absolutely failed XMas calendar I'll post a preview pic of it.

Friday, December 21, 2007

145 - Xmas Calendar #21


Behind door number 21 we find the textbook definitions of the words "overplayed", "hammered shit" and "the song that got Baron Soosdon even more into trance".

Back in '00 this song was quite amazing till it exploded. Listening to it eventually led me to buy the debut album of Darude which is still his best out of the three. Though I do want to avoid listening Sandstorm as much as I can..

But, as Olibith says: "Hopefully, he only saw the apples in the bathtub, the bananas were already well hidden !"

Thursday, December 20, 2007

144 - Xmas Calendar #20




A brand new movie by me will be released on this blog 24.12.2007! That is if there are no connection problemos ;D

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

143 - Xmas Calendar #19


And here we go again, something from the old days. Getting a Thunderfury is a cool event, though a short one. The only one in my guild who got it was a tauren warrior called Boba, alternatively called Boba The Destroyer. Mostly because of his INSANE dps. Hell, because of Boba's dps there was no actual need for a tank ;D

I am 99.99% sure that the summoning of Thunderaan will not happen on live servers never ever again. In case you have not seen this or been there before, here's a small chance.

And yea, there's a reason why I am posting these oldsk00l videos - some things were just cooler and better back then. But things must evolve!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

142 - Xmas Calendar #18


Once upon a time, in the year 2006 I was bored. In all of my boredomness, a great idea struck me to make the most epicest of all epic machinimas ever.

So, I rolled a lowbie troll mage, named him Dilligaf and went out to the world in order to look for a fight.

Sadly, finding one was harder than I thought.

Monday, December 17, 2007

141 - Xmas Calendar #17


What you are about to see (should you click the play button above) is a piece of dramachinima which is absolutely great. The storytelling, camerawork and so on - perfect stuff for an in-game filmed WoW machinima, circa 2006.

I gotta say though that the voice acting has some minor cheesiness in it, but it does not ruin the story or the overall feel of the movie.

It is a real shame that this movie has not been published on WCM, since it really could use some major recognition.

This machinima was a winner in the Best Drama category at the XFire machinima contest held in 2006.

If someone knows a download link for this one, please post it in the comments!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

140 - The Nublock FAQ + Forums!


Today I officially open my forums. They have been there for a while, but I just added some content there a few days ago.

Since I get lotsa questions about certain subjects, I've started a FAQ on those forums. You can view it right here. Bump the topic or this post with more more more more questions and I'll edit it accordingly.

The mainpage of the Nublock Forums can be found here.

139 - Xmas Calendar #16


OH YEAH! One of the most epicest music videos from the late 90's. Those were the days, I think I had this song as a ringtone for my phone back then for quite a long time.

Now, someone machinimate this. I think a murloc could do a good Flat Eric :D

Saturday, December 15, 2007

138 - Tales Of The Past III

Now it's my turn to write a bit about the machinima of the year, Tales Of The Past 3.

Needless to say, the movie is excellent. Hats off and respect to mr Falch - he has gotten himself a bunch of pages in the history books of machinima. TotP3 became an instant classic from the moment it was released.

When I watched TotP3 for the first time, I was glued to the screen.

I am writing this text after seeing the movie twice - once from my computer screen and the second time from my TV (I had to make a quick convert of the movie to DVD).

The movie has gotten huge amounts of praise and relatively small criticism. I have nothing bad to say about it, nothing poked my eye in the annoying way. Hell, it even had some emo music in it and I think that song fit the scene perfectly. (Yes, my war against emos and murlocs is still going on!)

Tales of the past 3 inspired me.

It inspired me to tweak my big plot-line machinima in planning stages to flow better story-telling wise. As a movie, TotP3 moves and flows really nicely - it does not get boring. This flowing and onward-moving story telling is something I want to have in my big omgzlolz machinima, which will hopefully come out in 2008.

One thing that made me laugh is the thing that I had planned some scenes quite similarly for my now-dead (and quite likely never to be resurrected) series Chronicles Of The Dawn: Operation Scholomance (CotD looks like shit, so click on your own responsibility). I had similar themes planned for CotD than what ToTP3 had, but mine would have been presented somewhat differently. But enough of that, CotD is dead - towards to other plots I go!

There has been some QQ'ing about TotP3 not having any streams and being only downloadable. Some of it is very understandable since there have been issues with the download links - including the torrent one. Nevertheless, everyone should try and download this kickass movie if possible.

If your net connection is unstable and it disconnects often, I personally recommend getting it via torrent.

TotP3 is a (WoW) machinima which is very hard to overcome in the terms of production quality and storytelling.

Martin Falch, I thank you for this challenge :)

137 - Xmas Calendar #15


Something from the ancient ages! The bananas go marching in teh world (of Warcraft). I was so hoping to get more more more more more lolliance on the way, but two pink vibrating gnomes and a soapdropping human male palading were a good catch enough.

If anyone is selling a timemachine going back to the good old days, pst.

Friday, December 14, 2007

136 - Xmas Calendar #14


A real music video once in a while! Personal favourite once again. This song is one of Velcras best.

And who knows.. it might turn into a really nice machinima version too with a certain black-haired blood elfette!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yea, that is a LOT of money left :D

134 - Xmas Calendar #13



This was a very impressive and inspirational video when it came out. And it still is. Even though the music is all bukkake and tentacle, it does not matter :D From what I understand, the people who made this clip have background in real animation and it really shows.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

133 - Xmas Calendar #12


Currently I'm trying to desperately grind reputation for the Olibithia faction. It requires all sorts of pervy stuff, most of which can not be published here. But let this perfectly perverted video add me an other +1 rep gain!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

132 - Xmas Calendar #11


Ah.. the good old days! They are never ever coming back.

Monday, December 10, 2007

131 - Xmas Calendar #10


After a huge amount of hate and emo whine (see previous post) it's time to chill out a bit!

This video is about my #1 favourite hobby - sleeping! It has naked gnomes too.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

130 - A Big Fucking Failure


Well, today I had this great idea. An idea to visit one of the biggest piece of shit failure sites (called mmowned) once again for curiosity. I thought of doing something perverse.. what if I search for my movies there.

And oh look, this is what I found:

Now to clear something out: I have never ever been in contact with this piece of shit fucking emo alliance cocksucker (should the failure in question have something to say on this or a screenshot to prove otherwise, go ahead).

This dickhead failed more than epic fail. He is a lesser being than a dead rotten hybrid of a murloc and an emo.

An apology? Nah, just shove it up your ass with some mmowned +rep.

I have not and I will NEVER collaborate with any mmowned subhuman scum. At least knowingly :P

(Pinkhair does not belong to this group, he came to his senses :P)

Phew, that was fun.. ranting off. Merry christmas.

129 - Xmas Calendar #09


Behind door number 9 we find a truely great and groundbreaking machinima.

The ninth part of an excellent series which has been providing extraordinary art since it's beginning. The latest part, numbered 23 was just released! We can only hope and wish that a DVD box set will be released next year.

No other machinima or machinimaker can be compared to this.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

128 - Xmas Calendar #08


Oldschool stuff again! When this video was made, people did not yet know that gnomes had a vibrate setting. If they would have, all these gnoems could have been captured and the whole Azeroth could have had one big kickass power network.

Instead all of the energy was wasted on something that LOOKS like a gnome orgy but is just a race event :P

Friday, December 7, 2007

127 - Xmas Calendar #07



Thursday, December 6, 2007

126 - Xmas Calendar #06


Today we celebrate our Independence Day in Finland! Though I heard that huge circular spaceships are attacking and fucking things up in Helsinki, I can play WoW peacefully here in the middle of nowhere.

Because of our independence day, for this day a chose a video which portrays the lifestyle here in Finland. All the essential stuff you need to know about this country is in this video. Do not believe that marketing crap that the tourist offices tell ya!

If I remember correctly, this video won an award for being good at something. The song is called "Rakastaa / Ei Rakasta" (Loves Me / Loves Me Not) by the band Kotiteollisuus (rough translation Home Industry).

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

125 - Xmas Calendar #05


Behind door number five is a lovely little song interpreted by the hottest firelord ever and his lover: Ragnaros and Majordomo Executus.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

124 - Xmas Calendar #04


Finally not something machinima! This is my all-time favourite trance music video. The song itself is a classic and this shitty stream does not do it justice.

Again this christmas calendar fails in bringing the epic fail!

Monday, December 3, 2007

123 - Xmas Calendar #03


Behind door number three we find another christmas story. Oh wait, this is not a christmas story. Instead of that by pressing the play button you will see a vision from the good old days. Nef & pals are going to have a lonely christmas this year. But if we all hope and wish really hard, maybe Blizzard will give us a bigger and better suppression room.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

121 - Xmas Calendar #02


WTF IS THIS?! The calendar's name has teh words "EPIC FAIL" in it and still this video does not have any fail in it?! Why is that??++++!111111

Because it kicks ass. My favourite MC from Snoman!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

120 - Xmas Calendar #01


Welcome to my XMas calendar 2007! There might be boobs later on.
But till then, every day till the climax of 24th I will be publishing a video everyday here. Not necessary machinima, some music vids are coming too.

This first one is a machinima made of total epic fail. There is no point, no plot, WTF?!! The maker of this vid should get a life.