Thursday, July 31, 2008

230 - EPIXX: Baron Soosdon's imba machinima contest!


Ok, let's start off with a promotional video for this contest:

Your sacred duty is to perform a machinimation of this script by any means necessary. BY. ANY. MEANS. NECESSARY.

It is written by an untrained professional, we paid him OVER 9000 bucks of lolgold for this amazing piece of art.

Deadline of the contest is 6th September 2008, the memorial day of the Gnovibrator beta test.

Submission rules:

- All entries in .avi or .wmv format
- Every entry must have a stream link
- To learn the third rule, learn the first and second rule well

The rules of this contest are as follows:

1. You do not talk about Fight Club

2. Serve the public trust

3. Uphold the law

4. (secret directive - no OCP personnel can be fired at!)

5. The cake is a lie

The entries will be judged on unoriginality, the use of 80's music on the soundtrack and sound design that is very painful to Caruu.


The main prize, number one prize is as follows: "The first place winner shall have the honor of GETTING RICKROLLED by Baron Soosdon".

The second prize, number two is a piece of art. A very well thought of piece of art which took long time to make: A SCREENSHOT OF A DEAD MURLOC.

The third prize, which is actually better than the previous two is an MP3 FILE OF DREWBIE FROM THE GRIND SINGING "I'M BEAUTIFUL". ORDER YOURS NOW AND YOU'LL GET A MACHINIMATED VERSION OF IT.

You can download this amazing script here: clicky

It can only be read with the CeltX program. Installing the program and opening the script file is your first challenge.

The results will be published here when the results will be published here. Bribing the judge is allowed. The entry must be submitted wherever you want!

Shitty voice acting improves your chances to win.

If you are lazy to VA or get actors, just use this speech generator (the French voice makes really funny stuff when you write Finnish to it).


You don't need to do the entry in English!

Just remember to add subtitles if you don't, mkay?

Bonus points to those who make it in Finnish.

Even more bonus points of explosions, space robots and more explosions.

Double bonus if you add a gnovibrator to the movie!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

229 - Votes! More Votes! +50 DKP Minus!

I just wanna tell you that we want more more voting.. gotta make you understand!

promo vid @ WeGame

promo vid @ Vimeo
promo vid @ YouTube

Last but not least.. something totally unrelated:

228 - VOTE FOR US!

Click that button right here!

If you have streaming issues, update your Flash player.
Versions 9.0.115 and 9.0.124 should work fine.

Heard some sexy music in the movie?
Then head down to OC Remix to hear more!
(a full tracklist with links to the songs shall be posted when the contest is over)

Monday, July 28, 2008

227 - Finally done..

This rendering / editing spree is finally over!

It was a lot of work for me, Pinkhair & Caruu. Now I'll STFU and let you see some pics.

In the end credits, you get to see still shots about the life of the gnome & tauren. I made this little "Inspired by Olibith (tm)"-themed pic:

"This is the ballad of the pervert.."

Friday, July 25, 2008

226 - Busted Screenshots

These screenies are from the Busted machinima, a collaboration work between me and Pinkhair.

Busted is also a submission to the contest by WCM - aka vote for us (when the voting period starts)!

Is she so sick? Should we call a doctor?

Snacky! Because the whole "Journal" gang is in our movie, there shall be NO seks.
Though.. does the presence of Olibith count as seks?

That's an explosion.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

225 - Beta Time!

Yay. I'm in the beta.

Except that there is login drama. Seems that the entire EU testers are having the issue. Though I'm not bothered by it - I gots a machinima to finish today.

As for my characters - Nöfnöf, Soosisti and Astley (yes, you read right - more drama about the name shall follow soon) have been copied to the EU test realm, Coldarra.

My gnome DK will be called Soosdon (when the char creation starts to work, that is).


While I was in Hamburg, some bitter wanker had reported the name Gnorgasm to THE COMPANY. When I logged in, I was forced to rename her!

Without any hesitation, I went to a corner and started to cut myself, crying to the music of Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and Bullet For My Valentine playing simultaneously. The original plan was to name my gnoam DK as Astley.

Revenge is sweet:

SPECIAL OFFER! Get ganked, get rickrolled! 2 for the price of 1!

Also, I got some BLING BLING for reprezentin':

You wouldn't get this from any other gnome (moar proof here):

Monday, July 21, 2008

224 - Busted Synergy

Three days to complete the movie for WCM's Synergy contest. This time I am not participating alone - the machinima will be a collaboration between me & Pinkhair.

The idea is that you have to make a machinima to a premade script. Which isn't the best possible - and this is me saying it nicely. I'll see that as a challenge though :)

It's so damn hard to find the correct music. I thought that OCRemixed would have been my salvation (as it was with Limited Escapism) but now it's a bit different. Good thing that Blizzard music can be used!

I found this frame by accident :)

This is an ingame screenshot. Spot the celebrities!
It's also the first time I'm using multiboxing in machinima.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

223 - Something About Hamburg!

So.. I visited Hamburg. I was invited there by the fine folks of BitFilm festival.

My machinima, I'm So Sick was a nominee in the machinima category. No victory this time, ISS came second. I heard that ISS was #1 for quite a while, but then the winner - Rusty Whispers: Dennis by Lit Fuse Films came and owned me in the finishing line.

Congrats to them!

I also got to meet the duo from LFF, funny guys they were. Most importantly.. the Lit Fusers have also mastered the fine art of Rickrolling people!

Even though ISS did not win any awards, the event and trip was far from a loss.

I got an enormous boost of inspiration and ideas from the works shown on the event's big screen. More about the other animation vids later.

Looks a lot like a clockwork gnome from WOTLK?

The city had some sea monsters! I bet the reason for that is the fact that lots of sea men are thrown into the ocean. It can't be anything else!

Now, who wants to see boring shots of landscapes when you can have underlit pictures of machinimas shown on a big screen? (and the picture does not even give any indication of the scale lolololollol)

That is one big porno dwarf.

Black piggybank with a skull! The only souvenir I bought.

Sorry Olibith.. it does not have any entry holes in the correct places :(

Behind the piggie you can see my new toy, an Asus EEE PC. A sexy beast it is, but the god damn cursed WLAN functionality (read: the lack of it) is making me gmrgrlgrGLRgrL. I installed a nLited Windows XP to the machine, but still no help.

More drama about the subject shall come in the future!

But now..

a little Best Of from the other categories of Bitfilm, according to me:

3D Space Category
Our Wonderful Nature (#1 Winner)
Do Penguins Fly?
Fast Cars

FX Mix Category
Artificial Worlds v3.0
I Am Legend - Isolation
Kings of Power 4 Billion % (This one is pure win! I wanna make a 2d machinima rite now)

Flash Category
Antivirus (#1 Winner)
Heavenly Sword

Realtime Category
Lifeforce (#1 Winner)
fr-401: debris

If you got time and want to see more more more more - head this way. All the contestant entries are there!

Last but not least, I hope that all the WoW machinimakers submit their films to the next years contest!

I will be definitely doing that if I get a passable machinima done.


I know that the French will have my head for this but I gotta say: I liked Hamburg more than Paris :P

Monday, July 14, 2008

222 - Final Warcraft VI: Remastered Version

Here we finally have it, the remastered version of Final Warcraft VI!

download @ rapidshare (720p / x264)
download @ volacious (720p / x264)
download @ filefront (720p / XViD)
this is a rickroll
stream @ vimeo (by going to the site you can stream as HD)
stream @ Liseda (DivX format)
stream @ youtube

the original Final Fantasy VI ending cinematic @ youtube

If you downloaded the movie - before playing turn your volume knobs to the max setting. Should you have a subwoofer in your household, it should get some really really sweet BOOM lovin' - this is all thanks to Caruu's sound design imbaness!

And now to an announcement. We (indeed, we) are planning to recreate and adapt the Final Fantasy VI story to a WoW setting. The project is currently under preproduction, and the earliest time we can start filming should be when WOTLK comes out.

The reason for that is the new areas and creatures that the expansion brings, some of them fit to the FFVI story very nicely.

p.s. I did promise to write something about the Hamburg trip:

"Something about the Hamburg trip."

(on the next post, ok?)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

221 - Final Warcraft VI: Comparison Shots


I'm just about to start rendering the remastered version of Final Warcraft VI. This new version will have correct music + the rickrolling references removed.

Also, the sound effect section has gone through some small but nevertheless important improvements.

The picture on the left is from the Final Fantasy VI ending cinematic, the right one is from this machinima.

I'll be writing something about the BitFilm trip on the next post!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

220 - Do you, do you... dig destruction?

The BS-1337 Nuclear Rocket from BaronSoosdon on Vimeo.

Second place in the WWI'08 advertisement contest, w00t!

Voice acting performed by Caruu.

And I got the Nokia 5610 XpressMusic phone (prize from teh contest) delivered to me today. Too bad I don't have the time to test it now, Hamburg awaits.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

219 - Destination Hamburg!

I'm leaving tomorrow for Hamburg!

The BitFilm festival is held there and I'm So Sick is a nominee!

I do not know much German, except for this one little sentence I heard in a movie which I saw when I was a kid: "Ich Komme, Ich Komme!".

I have absolutely no idea what it means, must have something to do with communism I believe!

There should be an internetz in the hotel, so I'll get you some pics and stuff if possible.

Oh, and one more thing - I'm making a new machinima! Less surprisingly, it will be a music video.

A serious one - which translates to: no murlocs, close-up shots of boobs or beheadings.

Instead of having a plot - it has a theme: global warming. Nono, I am not a hippie! Lies!

The song I am using is "Miracle (Above & Beyond club mix - radio edit)" by OceanLab. You can listen a preview of the song here.

One of the reasons for making a video to this particular song is it that it's finally a trance song whose lyrics are NOT about human relationships (I've gotten bored with vocal trance partially because of that).

Then there is of course the voice of Justine Suissa!

These screenshots are from the early stage of the video. Not yet colourized! This is the first video by me which will feature the use of Malu05's very promising Machinima Tool.


The Machinima entries for WWI have just been published! My submission to the advertisement contest, entitled "BS-1337 Nuclear Rocket" got to the second place in the compo.

You can view all the entries here (click the "contest winners" tab).

Monday, July 7, 2008

218 - A Nublock In Paris: WWI'08

It's out - my amateur vid from the Paris trip! This is the second time in my machinima career when I merge WoW footage and IRL stuff. The movie is subtitled for the people who can not read!

What? Download? Are you crazy?
OK, here you go:

Mirror #1 -

Mirror #2 - Megaupload


Yea. Indeed.

The machinima award section of the WWI'08 can be described as epic fail. And that's me saying it nicely.

From each of the winner entries, about 1-3 sec (no, I am seriously not joking) was shown. The explanation was "the other contests took too much time". Draw your own conclusions about that. I heard that in BlizzCon all of the machinimas were shown in full length - and they even had a 10 minute maximum time limit, compared to the 4 minutes in WWI.

A tip for the next WWI: please arrange the machinima event as a separate thing. I personally would have loved to see all of the winning entries from the big screen.

/rantmode off

Thursday, July 3, 2008

217 - Disqualified Failures

Some of you have been wanting to see these two disqualified failures (no, they did not get to the WWI contest for very obvious reasons :D) - scroll down a bit and start playing!

To save my face and up the quality of these both, they will be re-cut. Final Warcraft VI will get the rickrolls removed + the correct Final Fantasy music put in.

The Scarlet Thorn will get a more slower paced cut - I plan to include a narration + more gore into it. And of course - a better sound design in the effect and music departments.

Can't win everytime but losing twice is an achievement! Aaaand here they are:

Final Warcraft VI
Before and/or after watching compare the video to this
(no, it's not a rickroll).

Download: here
(before pressing play - turn your volume UP, the sound design by Caruu kicks ass!)

The Scarlet Thorn
Gimme some feedback on this one!
I really need it for the directors cut!

Download: here

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

216 - Elite Tauren Chieftain - Live @ WWI'08

These vids are from the Elite Tauren Chieftain concert! All five of 'em - the full concert!

The main dish, a "documentary" (narrated by Soosdon the warlock in Finnish) which mixes machinima and IRL footage is currently being edited.

Here's two pics from the Documentary/Featurette currently being edited:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

215 - Pictures From WWI'08

So, I went to Paris. All journeys need to start from somewhere and mine started from the Helsinki -Vantaa airport. A quite nice place, so I had to make a video about it.

Even the airport was not free of murlocs! Killing a murloc and holding a camera at the same time takes some work - I managed it somehow and made a video about it. Down below you can see a killshot. The drop was bad though, only a few copper coins.

Hours pass, the plane flies, I get pickpocketed and finally end up in Paris with my emo mode being a bit over 9000. On the next day, the event starts. I heard the normal people (muahahah) had quite a long cues, but by using [The Press Pass] makes the cue go poof.

Of course, I made a video about it as well.

That's one big poster. It did not have any gnomes or boobs in it, so no point making a video about it.

Inside! Man I was pissed, all the important books were sold out: Rickrollers Guide to Azeroth, 1000 Ways to Kill & Cook Murlocs and MITÄ VITTUA-lehti, Azeroth edition. Oh well, all I could do was to make a video about it.

I let my video camera roll a lot more than my digicam, so you all get to see more of the event later on in a little video featurette.

Below there, there is some abstract French street art. You get to se some of that here in Finland too, but the craftmanship was so amazing that I had to make a video about it.

Epic loot!

[Press Badge]: +600 ePeen, Use: Gives you free drinks and the possibility to try out WOTLK and SC2. (I did neither). Though I did make a video about it.

Frostmourne was there too. You could buy it (iirc the price was 260 euros) or win it from a visitor arena tournament. They even let me test the sword and slice some murlocs - and here is a video about it!

mrrLWrGLrgLRgrGLmmrrgLwRL! Damn, these things are everywhere. It seems that the murlocs have evolved or degenerated (is that even possible?) into somesort of plastic form.

But even that does help those slimy bastards, I destroyed them all and made a video about it.

Then there was this. A blood elf paladin! She did not give any blessings unfortunately. I just gotta wonder.. does she spin? Does she jump? Is she a part of the same order of Shepiwot?

This question gave me so much thought so I had to walk around, and question people about it - and also make a video about it.

A succubus too! She was not summoned by me. I tried enslaving - it failed. All I could do is to wave my wand and make a video about it.

Fast forward to home sweet home! In the goody bag was this (there's also a beta key and a pet among other things) door thingie. If you wanna see more about the goody bag, watch this video I made about it.

Not so fast! I have one video from the even to show you:

On this video you cansee Video Games Live perform the song "Lament Of The Highborne" (Sylvanas sings it to you ingame after doing a belf quest).

I will add more videos soon: next up is the entire L70ETC (or should I say, L80ETC - they dinged) concert.

New machinimas will come later, I just need to re-edit and re-cut them a bit.